Stainless steel LG brand refrigerator with two doors and two drawers sits against a white background

LG is just one of the many household names manufacturing smart fridges. Here's how much LG smart refrigerators cost and what features the product range includes.

A stainless steel LG brand smart dishwasher with its door open and visible dishes inside is set against a white background

LG is one of the best-known manufacturers making smart dishwashers and other Wi-Fi-enabled appliances. Here’s how much LG smart dishwashers cost and what features you get for the price.

shopping for a new kitchen stove

Whether it's a functionality issue or you're tired of looking at your outdated oven or stove, replacing it gives you newer technology and a reliable cooking appliance. Exploring the cost of ovens, stoves and ranges — and the expected features at each price point — can help you plan for an appliance upgrade.


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