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Owning a home comes with a lot of different responsibilities, many of which you may not think about until you experience them first hand. There are times that appliances, pipes, lines, and electrical problems can occur. These problems that come about, can cost you a lot of money that you didn’t expect to pay.

With coverage plans from HomeServe in place, you can get help when things go awry. You can’t stop some of these problems from happening, but you can protect your wallet for when they do. It is a great thing to take advantage of to help you prepare for your future as a homeowner.

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What is an Interior Protection Plan?

An interior protection plan from HomeServe is a home warranty plan that will help you with costs to fix covered interior and plumbing drainage systems, interior electric line, heating and cooling systems, gas line and water heater systems repairs.

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What Does an Interior Protection Plan from HomeServe Cover?

You want to have the protection for home systems that keep your house fully functioning and running efficiently. It can help to save you money in the long run if you have a breakdown. The interior protection plan from HomeServe covers the following:

  • Cooling System and Heating System
  • Interior Plumbing and Drainage
  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement
  • Gas Lines
  • Interior Electrical Line

The responsibility for home repairs to your major home systems typically falls on a homeowner’s shoulders. When a problem occurs, you will have to call for service and pay for the repairs. Being prepared with a home warranty plan from HomeServe means payment for these services may be taken care of by your coverage.

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What Problems Can Your Home Systems Cause?

There are many things that can go wrong with the appliances and systems in your home. Even new models can have problems that occur. Some of the things that can happen are:

  • No heat or air conditioning
  • No hot water or sediment build-up
  • Burst pipes behind your walls or ceilings
  • Blocked or slow drains

Homeowners are typically responsible for repairs to their major home systems. When a problem occurs, this means that you will have to call for service and pay for the repairs. If you have a home warranty plan in place prior to a breakdown, payment for these services may be provided by your coverage from HomeServe.

Is an Interior Protection Plan Worth It?

You as a homeowner will need to decide if a home warranty plan is worth it, but many homeowners think it's worth the cost. Being unprepared can bring about a hefty price tag. And none of us ever know for sure if we will have to deal with unexpected breakdowns. But being prepared with a plan from HomeServe is a good way of protecting your wallet from future hassles and costs. And it can bring you peace of mind.

What HomeServe Customers Have to Say

  • Norwalk, CT (Dalaina)

    “I am glad I chose HomeServe for my plumbing problems. A service technician is always available no later than the day after I call. The technicians are always polite and professional. They also always get the job done. I have recommended HomeServe to my family and friends and whomever I come in contact with that are having any type of home issues. Thanks for your service.”

  • Canonsburg, PA (Chris)

    “Showed up on time

  • Norwalk, CT (Janice)

    “Quick response

  • Norwalk, CT (Jennica)

    “HomeServe got someone to our house in a timely fashion to deal with our water backup. Excellent service!”

Disclaimer: Coverage not available everywhere. Plan benefits, limitations and exclusions vary. To find specific plans available in your area, please use the zip-in feature on our site.

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