Is Plumbing covered in a Home Warranty?

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We all take plumbing for granted. We expect day after day that our toilet will flush, and our sink will dispense water without leaking. After all, the work all takes place behind-the-scenes. But when things go wrong with the toilet or another aspect of plumbing, there's no way you can ignore what could become a massive household problem.


Whether it's a jammed garbage disposal, a clogged sink you just can't clear or your sewer system backing up (quite the trifecta!), plumbing problems can turn a household that's running smoothly into one that's barely operational.

You don't have a choice here other than biting the bullet and doing whatever it takes to get the plumbing fixed, whether on your own or by hiring professionals. The latter is necessary for any problems beyond the reach of your DIY skills. But if you're fearful of the bill, having an affordable home warranty plan in advance can be a big help.

Plumbing coverage basics (and potential limitations)

Every home warranty is different, and all types of exclusions are possible with a specific plan. However, according to The Balance, plumbing is almost always covered, to at least some degree, in typical agreements between homeowners and home warranty companies.

Some exclusions in a warranty can be that the policy will differentiate between your internal plumbing system and exterior plumbing system. Exterior sewer lines, for example, might not be under the umbrella of your plan. For obvious reasons, this also means that the septic tank and leach field could not be protected. Other common plumbing warranty limitations may be identical to those seen in the average home insurance policy - for plumbing that's old, affected by wear and tear that could've been addressed through preventive maintenance, is frozen due to neglect or is made of polybutylene, according to

Learn More About Home Warranty Plans Near You

Plans from TotalHome Warranty by HomeServe offer options for plumbing

If you decide to turn to HomeServe for any and all of your home warranty needs, you will find having a plan in place can offer peace of mind.

If you choose either the Systems Plan or Combo Plan, covered issues can include:

  • The toilet and associated components.
  • Shower and tub valves.
  • Sump pumps affixed to the house.
  • Bathtub whirlpool motors and assemblies.
  • Stoppages in lines up to 125 feet from the home's line access point.

Don't let plumbing issues sneak up on you. Having a home warranty plan in place from TotalHome Warranty by Homeserve can help with the costs of covered repairs and provide you peace of mind.