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Former water meter mechanic
Exterior Sewer/Septic Line HomeServe Plan Helps Avoid a Sewer Line Headache

Had you not been in the picture, the anguish of the experience would have been quadrupled for me and my family,...

Sewer line
Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Sewer Line Disaster Adverted Through Social Media Tip

I’ve told all my neighbors they should protect themselves as well....

New York
Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Home Warranty Plan Saves Canada Customer Over $3K

These policies are well worth it thanks to the sense of security and knowing that you have a safety blanket alone,...

Electrical Hazard
Exterior Electric Electrical Outage At PA Rental Home Gets Fixed

Even from across the country, I was confident that you and your contractor would get it handled in a safe and efficient way for both...

homeserve cares customer
Exterior Water Service Line Water Line Home Repair Delivered to VA Expectant Parents

“This sort of scenario was what I imagined when I signed up for the policy, and not only did I receive what I signed up for, but the...

Exterior Water Service Line Lead Water Line Replacement: NY Homeowner Saves Big

It was the best service I ever had in my life. He was awesome to work with. Between HomeServe and Joel, I was 150% satisfied....

New York
Rsz heather
Heating System & HomeServe Cares Foundation Family's Failed Furnace Woes Gets HomeServe Cares Help

“I was so scared that the house was going to catch on fire,” she said. “I didn’t sleep well at all. I was constantly getting up in t...

West Virginia
Aqua water heater
Gas Line Woman Spared Panic Thanks To Her HomeServe Gas Line Plan

“When I heard about the problem after getting home, I realized it’s exactly a scenario I imagined HomeServe would help me with when ...

Sweltering Heat, Broken AC Compel HomeServe Employees to Advocate for Neighbor in Need
Cooling System & HomeServe Cares Foundation Sweltering Heat, Broken AC Compel HomeServe Employees to Advocate for Neighbor in Need

“Chattanooga has seen some of the hottest temperatures of the summer, with high temperatures hitting 99 degrees that week. I kept th...

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