How to Find the Serial Number on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

by Team HomeServe
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All the different identification numbers assigned to your Galaxy tablet may seem confusing and irrelevant, but knowing them could come in handy if your device breaks or is stolen in the future.

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Finding your Samsung tablet's serial number is simple with the right knowledge and can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Why Do You Need to Know Your Samsung Tablet's Serial Number?

A Samsung tablet's serial number reveals specific information about the device, including who owns it and its warranty status. Therefore, you'll need to provide it when you take the tablet for repairs under warranty so that the repair technician can tell what parts to use. The serial number also allows you to prove your ownership of the tablet if you report it stolen and subsequently claim through your insurance policy.

How to Find the Serial Number

Many Samsung Galaxy tablets have the serial number stamped right on the rear casing. If you don't have the tablet on hand, you can also find the serial number on your receipt, warranty document or device registration paperwork.

Alternatively, you can access your serial number by opening the Settings app on your Samsung tablet. Select “About This Tablet” to view the serial and IMEI numbers.

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How to Find the Model Number

The model number is shared between all Samsung devices of the same type. Your tablet's model number may appear alongside the serial number on the tablet casing and your device's documentation. You can also find it under the “About This Tablet” tab in the Settings app.

Is the Serial Number the Same as IMEI?

Your Samsung Galaxy tablet's serial number is unique to your device and assigned by the manufacturer to identify it. However, all devices with mobile capability have an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number that allows them to connect to cellular services. The IMEI number can also be used to track a device's location. You can find the IMEI number printed alongside the serial and model number on the tablet's casing and documentation and in the Settings app.