A Breath of Fresh Air: Bodyfriend Pharaoh O2 Massage Chair Offers Oxygen Care Function

by Lauren Leazenby
Illustration shows oxygen molecules swirling around the head of a person sitting in a Pharaoh 02 massage chair from manufacturer Bodyfriend

Bodyfriend image

No, it’s not an exo-suit or some kind of space capsule. The Bodyfriend Pharaoh O2 is a massage chair — albeit one with a few techy tricks up its sleeve.

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The Pharaoh O2, made by health and wellness solutions company Bodyfriend, purportedly will be the first massage chair on the market to offer oxygen care management, in addition to several other unique features.

Unveiled at this year’s edition of CES show (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show), the Pharoah O2 aims to be a “complete relaxation experience.” The massage chair is a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree. (Fun fact: A Bodyfriend massage chair has been bestowed this honor every year since 2019.)

An illustration of a Pharaoh 02 massage chair from manufacturer Bodyfriend

Bodyfriend image

Changjoo Kim, CEO of Bodyfriend North America, said a lack of oxygen might be to blame for a number of symptoms, like fatigue, drowsiness and headaches. The Pharaoh O2 seeks to provide some relief through its O2 Care function. Bodyfriend claims this feature can help users recuperate from physical symptoms, while also improving users’ concentration and memory.

Pressure swing adsorption technology — usually found in medical-grade oxygen generators — is used in the chair’s oxygen generator module, supplying clean O2 via an adjustable nozzle that you place under your nose.

But relaxation isn’t just about taking a deep breath. The Pharaoh O2 also includes the Advanced XD PRO Massage Module, which provides an enhanced massage through upgraded sensors. This model gets upgraded massage balls, which now have a heating device inside for a warming sensation. There’s also a thigh and perineal massage function, and magnetic acupressure for your hands.

The Pharaoh O2’s “Un-tact” features aims to make your massage a mental experience as well as a physical one. Voice-guided meditation, mindfulness massage and a brain massage function with binaural beats can help your mind relax along with your body.

A collaboration with high-end audio brand Bang & Olufsen brings QUANTUM Audio Speakers to the experience. Voice control by artificial intelligence platform Naver Clova offers hands-free command of the chair’s features.

Expect to see the Pharaoh O2 at Bodyfriend showrooms by the end of 2022. Kim said the product “will be available in the market later this year.”

Learn more about the Pharaoh O2 here.

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