How Much Do Samsung Jetbot Mops Cost?

by Team HomeServe
Samsung JetBot 90 AI Plus smart mop docked next to a green dresser with multiple drawers and knickknacks in a room with blue walls.

Robot vacuums and mops clean your floors automatically — meaning you may be able to ditch cleaning your floors by hand for good. While this may sound too good to resist, these appliances often come with hefty price tags.

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One of the more affordable robot mops on the market is the Samsung Jetbot Mop. So, what do you get for the price? We’ve broken that down below.

What Is the Samsung Jetbot Mop and How Does It Work?

The Samsung Jetbot Mop is a robot designed to clean hard floors such as laminate and hardwood automatically. The mop has dual water tanks that gradually release water into the spinning pads. As the robot moves around your home, the rotating pads scrub the floor and remove dirt.

Samsung Jetbot Mops have integrated sensors that automatically detect when the robot is approaching an edge or drop and cause it to change direction to avoid damage. You can select between eight cleaning modes using the remote control, including modes for intensive cleaning of a certain area or random modes where the robot covers the entire floor.

Unlike many of its competitors, the Samsung Jetbot Mop is also suitable for cleaning walls, showers and other vertical surfaces. You can do this by switching it to hand mode and manually moving it across the surface using the built-in handle.

How Much Does the Samsung Jetbot Mop Cost?

The Samsung Jetbot Mop costs $299, and customers have the option of 0% financing arrangements without a deposit if they meet the eligibility criteria (Check the full offer to make sure you qualify.) The price includes free delivery and returns for up to 30 days after purchase.

The Samsung Jetbop Mop comes with both microfiber and Mother Yarn mopping pads. The package also includes a silicone brush for cleaning the device itself.

How Much Does the Samsung Jetbot Mop Cost to Operate?

The Samsung Jetbot Mop comes with four mopping pads to get you started. The mopping pads are machine washable, allowing you to clean and reuse them several times before you need to replace them. You should wash your mopping pads after every use, but this shouldn't add to the operating cost because they’re small enough to toss in with a regular laundry load. When the time comes to replace them, a pack of four replacement mopping pads costs $24.99.

You don't need to spend any money on cleaning solutions when using the Samsung Jetbot Mop because you can use pure water. However, any water-based floor detergent will do if you prefer to use a cleaning solution for the scent or antimicrobial properties. The Jetbot Mop uses water and cleaning fluid efficiently, so the costs of refills should be minimal.

Is a Robot Mop Worth It?

Robot mops are pricey convenience items, but many people find them a worthwhile investment purely because of how much time they save. If you struggle to find the time to mop your vinyl, laminate or hardwood floors regularly, or if you just hate doing it, you may decide that a robot mop is worth the money. If it’s a bit out of budget, you may be better off sticking with a far cheaper (but equally effective) mop and bucket.

However, people with limited mobility, injuries or other health conditions who have a hard time mopping floors often find that a robot mop simplifies their cleaning routine, making it well worth the price. Therefore, robot mops can be a worthwhile investment for seniors and people with disabilities.