RoboMop: Samsung Jetbot Mop Features & How They Work

by Team HomeServe
Samsung JetBot 90 AI Plus cleans beige hardwood floor aw woman sits on light-blue couch with her feet on a white area rug in front of a coffee table and next to a side chair.

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Everyone likes a clean floor, but keeping floors like tile, vinyl, laminate and hardwood neat and tidy seriously cuts into your weekend relaxing time. Consider a hands-off solution like the Samsung Jetbot mop.

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This automatic mop provides a multitude of features designed to allow you to customize your cleaning routine and reduce the amount of time you spend on routine chores. A remote control enables easy operation, letting you sit back and enjoy some downtime while the dual spinning fiber pads work their magic on your flooring.

What’s a Samsung Jetbot Robot Mop?

The Samsung Jetbot mop is a robot mop — kind of like a Roomba robot vacuum — that automatically cleans all types of hard flooring. This automatic mopping machine features dual spinning heads that use microfiber pads with thick yarn pads to wipe floors clean, mop spills and dust cracks. Easy-to-fill tanks for water and solution enable automatic dispensing that wets floors the perfect amount to prevent pool and ensure quick drying. The Samsung Jetbot mop also includes a handle on the top for manual control when you want to use it to clean tile walls.

How Do You Use the Samsung Mopping Robot?

A remote control lets you switch between multiple cleaning modes from any spot in your home. Choose between light and intensive auto mop functionality to quickly remove dust and dirt, enable manual operation, tackle the edges of a room and focus cleaning on specific areas or in a pattern. Specially positioned cleaning pads provide edge coverage, helping the mop fit into hard-to-reach spaces when cleaning hardwood, vinyl, tile or laminate floors. Once the Samsung Jetbot mop finishes its routine, just recharge it to keep it ready for your next cleaning job.

What Are the Different Jetbot Mop Cleaning Modes?

The Samsung Jetbot offers eight cleaning modes to accommodate a variety of needs. These include:

  • Edge
  • Focus
  • Intensive
  • Step
  • Pattern
  • Auto
  • 50-Minute
  • Manual

Keep in mind that while the manual mode is most often used to remove stains or marks from walls, it also works great when you need to maneuver this automatic mopping machine into smaller spaces like between washers and dryers or inside closets or pantries.

Samsung JetBot 90 AI Plus smart mop docked next to a green dresser with multiple drawers and knickknacks in a room with blue walls.

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How Does the Jetbot Work?

This Samsung robotic mop features a smart sensor system that lets it detect and avoid appliances like your refrigerator, carpet, walls, furniture and objects on the floor. Designed to run a 50-minute cleaning routine without the need for refilling its reservoirs, this Samsung smart bot boasts a high-capacity battery that provides 100 minutes of power per recharge for fuss-free cleaning. This means you can select from among the multiple cleaning modes to best suit your floor.

How Is a Robot Mop Different From a Robot Vacuum?

The difference between a robot mop and a robot vacuum cleaner is function — an auto mop automatically cleans all types of hard floors with water while a robot vacuum cleaner sucks up debris. While you can use a broom or manual vacuum cleaner to easily and quickly remove dust and dirt from flooring before using the Jetbot mop, you can also pair your auto mop with a robot vacuum cleaner for optimal convenience on cleaning day.

What Are Some Features of the Samsung Jetbot?

The Samsung Jetbot arrives with microfiber pads for wet mopping and mother yarn pads for more intensive crack cleaning. The 6-pound weight makes this automatic mopping machine easy to move to key locations or use in manual mode when you need to clean vertical surfaces such as walls. Additionally, the dual reservoirs let you fill them up and forget them, as their capacity is perfect for a 50-minute cleaning cycle. The silicone brush included with the mop makes it easy to clean.

The Samsung Jetbot mop offers a quick, convenient way to keep your home clean with minimal time and effort. Robust features such as powerful dual spinning fiber pads, a 100-minute lithium-ion rechargeable battery and larger fluid reservoirs further enhance the functionality of this automatic mopping machine, making for fuss-free use each time chore day rolls around.