How Much Does It Cost to Install an Undermount Sink?

by Team HomeServe
Top view of stainless steel double basin undermount sink and black curved faucet

Undermount sinks are stylish, and they have practical benefits, too. They're easy to clean and can make it feel like you have more workspace in your kitchen.

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But what does undermount sink installation cost, and is it worth it? Here’s what you need to know.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Undermount Kitchen Sink?

The cost to install an undermount kitchen sink units can vary depending on where you live and the size of the sink. Most contractors charge around $100 to $200 (CAD 132 to CAD 264). This cost covers mounting the sink and sealing the area where the sink meets the counter to prevent leaks.

The above cost assumes that the new sink is replacing an older one and all of the plumbing is already in place. If the plumber needs to install or extend pipes before fitting the sink, you can expect to pay at least twice that amount. If you're on a budget when renovating your kitchen, try to keep all your appliances and fixtures in the same locations to reduce the amount of plumbing and electrical work contractors need to do during the renovation process.

Exact costs will vary depending on the cost of living in your ZIP code, meaning labor fees could be around $50 (CAD 66) higher or lower. The price of the sink will depend on what it's made of, with stainless steel sinks generally being far more affordable than retro-style fireclay or copper.

Other popular materials for undermount sinks include granite and other solid stones, composite and cast iron. Each of these materials has its own unique appearance and properties:

  • Polyester or acrylic resin: Cheap and can easily match the counter
  • Stainless steel: Affordable, easy to clean and may match common appliances
  • Composite: Chip- and stain-resistant and reasonably affordable
  • Cast iron: Durable and visually appealing, but very heavy
  • Granite: Durable and matches counters, but can be expensive
  • Marble: Visually appealing and may match counters, but vulnerable to staining
  • Fireclay: Retro-style appearance and scratch- and stain-resistant, but heavy and prone to chipping
  • Copper: Visually appealing, antimicrobial properties and stain-resistant, but heavy and expensive

Are Undermount Sinks More Expensive Than Overmount Sinks?

Undermount sink installation is a more involved process than standard overmount kitchen sink installation. Because these sinks are mounted below the countertop, they need a sturdy base and careful sealing. In general, undermount sinks must be attached to stone, concrete or other strong counters. They're likely to damage laminate or MDF countertops.

Because of this, the cost to install an undermount kitchen sink is usually slightly higher than the cost of an overmount sink. Undermount sinks themselves also cost more than more traditional drop-in sinks that have a lip sitting on top of the counter.

Sink costs can vary dramatically depending on the material. The cheapest undermount sinks cost around $75 (CAD 99), but the average cost is between $200 and $500 (CAD 264 to CAD 659), according to Kompare It — compared to $150 to $300 (CAD 198 to CAD 396) for a traditional drop-in sink.

Undermount sinks aren’t just found in kitchens. They're also sometimes used in bathrooms. Polyester and acrylic resin sinks are popular for bathroom installations because those materials are often used for the surfaces of bathroom counters, giving a smooth, sleek and cohesive appearance.

When you are considering what type of sink to purchase for your kitchen, you'll have to take into account the cost of the faucet as well. Simple, single-handle faucets don't cost a lot of money, but if you want a bridge faucet with more advanced features, you may find that it costs more than the sink itself.

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Do You Have to Install an Undermount Sink Before Installing Counters?

The main difference between an undermount and a drop-in sink is that undermount sinks must be fitted before the countertop is added. If you already have counters you like and decide you want to install a new sink, you'll need to remove the counter, fit the sink, cut space for the sink into the counter and make sure that the sink is properly sealed once the countertop is installed around the area. This means the best time to get a new undermount sink is when you're remodeling the rest of the room.

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