How Much Does a Stove or Oven Cost?

by Team HomeServe
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Is your frozen pizza cold on one side and burnt on the other? Maybe your stovetop heating elements only work part of the time. Whether it's a functionality issue or you're tired of looking at your outdated oven or stove, replacing it gives you newer technology and a reliable cooking appliance.

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Exploring the cost of ovens, stoves and ranges — and the expected features at each price point — can help you plan for an appliance upgrade.

What’s the Difference Between a Stove, an Oven and a Range?

Many people use stove, oven and range interchangeably, but there's technically a difference. An oven is the enclosed portion used for baking, roasting and broiling. It can be a part of a stove or range, but it can also be a standalone appliance. Stoves and ranges are complete cooking units, including a cooktop with burners and an oven combined into one appliance.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Stove?

Stoves range from models that meet basic cooking needs to high-end models with extra features that make the cooking experience easier. For our purposes, we’re talking about stoves with burners and ovens, which are also called ranges. Breaking down the options will help you decide where your budget should fall.

Budget Models

According to HomeGuide, budget stoves usually start around $600 (CAD 800) and go up to $900 (CAD 1,200). This gives you a basic model that handles your cooking needs. Budget ranges won't give you any extra features, but they're fine when you're on a tight budget, are outfitting a rental or want an extra range in a mother-in-law suite.

You can find both gas and electric ranges at this price point. Most have standard features such as oven lights and dial controls. Toward the higher end, you might get a fifth burner or burners with varying power output options. You might find a few models with self-cleaning modes or convection cooking in the oven.

Mid-Range Models

In the middle of the pack, you can find stoves from $900 to $1,300 (CAD 1,200 to CAD 1,734) that work well for most households. Convection ovens are common in this price range, and you might find a few induction cooktop ranges at the higher end. Stoves in this category usually have the traditional back panel with the controls.

You'll start to see some extra features, such as a wider range of temperatures on the burners. Some models have super low heat for cooking tasks like melting chocolate or extra-high heat to get a perfect sear. Finish options become more plentiful.

High-End Models

For high-end kitchens and higher budgets, the top end of stove prices ranges from $1,300 to $3,000 (CAD 1,734 to CAD 4,001) or more. This category includes the widest range of finishes and decorative accents for an upscale look. You'll often see the controls in the front, which eliminates the bulky back panel and gives the appliance a sleek, streamlined look.

Other features you might find on high-end stoves or ranges include:

  • Smart capabilities that integrate with virtual assistant devices for voice-activated controls
  • App-based controls
  • Built-in meat probes for automatic roasting without overcooking
  • Additional cooking modes, such as slow cooking, steaming or bread proofing
  • Delay bake feature
  • Professional-style ranges at the top end

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How Much Does It Cost to Buy an Oven?

Like ranges, wall ovens vary in their price points, with more features added the higher you go. You'll also need a separate cooktop, which can make the overall purchase more expensive. This breakdown gives you an idea of what to expect at each price range.

Budget Models

According to HomeGuide, basic wall ovens start from around $1,100 (CAD 1,467). You'll likely get a single wall oven in this range with a standard black or white finish. Dial controls are common, but you might find some budget models with touchpad controls.

Mid-Range Models

Bumping your budget up to $2,000 (CAD 2,667) often gets you a double oven and additional oven settings. The oven will likely have a self-cleaning feature. Some models may also offer convection cooking.

High-End Models

When you pay up to $3,400 (CAD 4,534) or more for a wall oven, you often get a double oven unit with electronic controls. High-end models typically have self-cleaning modes and convection cooking. Wi-Fi-enabled units are also common, with the option to control them from an app or virtual home assistant. You'll also find lots of high-end finishes and detailing to match an upscale kitchen.

What's the Price Difference Between Electric and Gas Stoves or Ovens?

Pricing is similar for gas and electric stoves and ovens, but electric models are usually a little more expensive. Electric models typically cost between $700 and $1,100 (CAD 933 and CAD 1,467), according to HomeGuide. For a similar gas model, you'll pay an average of $600 to $1,300 (CAD 800 to CAD 1,734).

Another price comparison to consider is the cost to run the stove or oven. Natural gas is usually a cheaper fuel option, which can cut your operating costs by 10% to 30% compared to a similar electric model. Looking at utility rates in your area lets you see which fuel source is cheaper locally.

It's usually cheaper and easier to replace your current oven or stove with one that uses the same fuel type. Because the connections are already there, it's a matter of disconnecting the old unit and connecting the new one. If you switch, you'll have a much higher installation cost to run the new fuel source to your kitchen.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

The cost to install a stove when no changes are needed is usually $100 to $300 (CAD 133 to 400), with the job usually taking one to two hours. This includes connecting the stove to the existing power source, leveling it, setting it up and making sure it works. Some appliance stores offer free delivery and setup. If your home needs modifications, the cost increases. If you need an electrical outlet for the stove, expect to pay $150 to $300 (CAD 200 to CAD 400).

Wall ovens typically cost $100 to $300 (CAD 100 to CAD 300) for installation, but the process can take longer, so your total labor costs can be higher. Modifications to cabinets can increase the installation cost significantly.

How Long Does a Stove or Oven Last?

According to Mr. Appliance, electric models typically last between 13 and 20 years, with an average life of 16 years. Gas units tend to last a little longer, usually between 15 and 23 years, with an average of 19 years. Keeping your stove or oven clean and well-maintained can help it last longer. Using the self-cleaning feature on the oven might shorten its lifespan since it reaches very high temperatures and can put a lot of wear on the unit. If you notice an issue, have an appliance repair professional fix it immediately so that the problem doesn't get worse.

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