How to clean an Oven

by Team HomeServe |

My friends and family know that I am far from being a domestic goddess. That being said, even I know that cleaning your oven at least once a year is a good idea. And since I’m always pressed for time, finding an easy way to clean an oven is on my to-do list. While no one (i.e. me) wants to get down on her hands and knees and scrub away, it’s a necessary evil that comes with adulthood, owning a home, and cooking meals day in and day out. (Though a younger, city-dwelling me – with no closet in my apartment - used to keep all my sweaters in my unused gas oven. I swear, true story!)


But now that I have gotten older and wiser (and actually cook and bake on a regular basis), I realize that the splatters and drops from my famous meatless meatloaf, roasted garlic chicken and decadent fudge brownies, take a toll on the interior of my oven. Since I lost the owner’s manual oh so long ago, I have no clue on how to clean an oven.

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While many ovens are self-cleaning these days, using a store-bought oven cleaner (or a natural solution of cleaning with vinegar and water, or baking soda) can be an effective and easy way to clean an oven. My advice is to consult the oven manufacturer’s manual and read the instructions on the bottle of cleaner before using.

Or if you’re like my rich Aunt Jane and want to just go the easy way of not cleaning at all, there’s always the option of buying a new oven or range cooktop for your kitchen. (Again, true story!)

While I always put off cleaning an oven until it is so disgustingly dirty that it absolutely has to be done, a better plan of action is to be proactive.

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