How Much Do Samsung Smart Ranges Cost?

by Team HomeServe
Modern kitchen featuring a Samsung smart stainless steel range with glowing blue knobs a brown wood floor white cabinetry a stainless steel dishwasher a tile backsplash and a window with natural light coming in

Smart devices are becoming increasingly affordable. Smart thermostats, smart fridges, smart microwaves — the list goes on. And once you own one, it’s hard to consider purchasing a “dumb” appliance ever again. You may have seen advertisements for a Samsung smart range and wondered whether they're worth the cost.

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If you like convenience when you cook — and you’re not afraid to pay a bit more for that convenience — the answer is most likely a resounding yes. Here’s how much you can expect to shell out.

How Much Does a Samsung Smart Range Cost?

The cost of a Samsung smart range can vary dramatically depending on the size, fuel type and features. A full range will cost substantially more than a simple stove or an oven.

Smart ranges start at around $679 (CAD 901) for a small, freestanding gas or electric range. Smart cooktops are priced higher, typically starting at $1,099 (CAD 1,459), while wall ovens may cost $1,299 (CAD 1,724) and up. Bigger ranges and dual-fuel ranges can cost far more. For example, a dual-fuel stainless steel smart range with air-frying capabilities and Wi-Fi could cost as much as $2,699 (CAD 3,582), according to Samsung. Store prices may vary, so it pays to shop around and look for mail-in rebates or promo periods to save money.

How Does a Smart Range Differ From a Regular Range?

The basic functionality of a smart range is the same as that of a standard range. It'll still cook your food, and you still have the flexibility of choosing between electricity or gas for your cooking (if that’s an option on the model you decide to go with, that is.) This means you can still buy a slide-in gas oven if that's what your kitchen needs or choose an electric range if you like the extra safety features of induction hobs.

What sets smart ranges apart from their more traditional counterparts is the cooking help and convenience they offer. Many smart ranges allow you to:

  • Set timers to control the oven when you're busy doing other things
  • Connect the oven to your Wi-Fi so you can control it using your phone
  • View the status of the range remotely via your phone
  • Send recipes or ingredient information to the oven and have it set cooking times automatically
  • Use your Alexa or another smart assistant to control your oven or stove from another room

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Why Would You Want a Smart Range Over a Regular One?

If you've ever been halfway to the airport and worried that you might have forgotten to turn the oven off or been tired and wished that you could start preheating your oven while you're on the way home from work, you'll understand how useful those features can be.

Modern smart devices are easy to use, however, and you don't have to enter a lot of personal information to set them up. You also don’t need much technical know-how. Samsung smart devices typically have a guided setup process that's easy to understand and handles all of the technical bits for you.

Once you've got your smart range up and running, it should serve you well for a long time. As long as you register it promptly after the purchase date, you'll have access to Samsung's warranty, too.

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