How Much Does It Cost to Install a Kitchen Sink?

by Team HomeServe
Top view of stainless steel double basin undermount sink and black curved faucet

Finishing up your kitchen renovation and replaced just about everything but the kitchen sink? Installing the sink can be a crucial step to making your new kitchen look cohesive and modern. Even if you’re not tackling a large-scale remodel, replacing your sink can give your kitchen a bit of a facelift.

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Installation costs can vary widely, depending on kitchen sink type and labor rates. Here’s everything but the kitchen sink … on kitchen sinks.

Replacement Costs for a Kitchen Sink

The vast majority of sink installation and replacement jobs are somewhat affordable. According to Forbes, installing a kitchen sink costs between $200 and $1,700 (CAD 270 and CAD 2,315). The higher end of this range will apply more in cases of removing and disposing of an old sink.

Sinks themselves can be pricey or economical depending on their size, build, surrounding kitchen installation, materials and brand. You may be able to pay as little as $150 (CAD 205) for a very basic, small kitchen sink, according to data from HomeGuide. Or you might spend hundreds of dollars for an elaborate, large kitchen sink with multiple basins and faucet installation arrangements.

On average, expect this project to fall in the range of $380 and $1,400 (CAD 515 and CAD 1,900) for materials, labor and parts, with prices towards the upper end of the scale if you need to replace the faucet.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

A good starting point when calculating installation and repair costs is deciding on the type of kitchen sink you need or want to buy. Here’s a breakdown of some basic types by ascending order of cost:

Single-Basin Kitchen Sinks

A basic, modestly sized single basin kitchen sink is commonly found in small kitchens and small apartments. It’s useful for most economical household needs and especially for people living alone or in pairs. Single-basin sinks cost around $60 to $3,685 (CAD 80 to CAD 5,015), based on pricing data from Lowe’s.

Dual-Basin Kitchen Sinks

Dual-basin kitchen sinks are among the most popular types of sinks for family homes and large apartments. They’re designed for kitchens that get lots of dish flow during mealtimes, and they offer a basin for washing or soaking and a second basin for rinsing and drying of dishes. Each basin has its own drain, and they often require new faucet installations. These sinks typically cost between $95 and $3,940 (CAD 130 and CAD 5,365). The overall cost depends on materials and other factors.

Farmhouse Sinks

These large kitchen sinks have a visible surface called an apron and require custom sink base cabinets to hold them up. Farmhouse sinks can have single or multiple bowls and require a plumber and carpenter to install them correctly. Therefore, expect to pay between $420 and $1,500 (CAD 570 and CAD 2,040) for the sink, materials and labor.

Multi-Basin Kitchen Sinks

A kitchen sink with three or more basins is uncommon in most family homes or apartments, but it may be useful for heavy-duty kitchen needs. These sinks offer three or more basins in different configurations and sizes, each of which can be used for washing, rinsing, soaking and cleaning dishes and food. They also typically have individual drains for each basin and sometimes even several faucets. Lowe's sells three-basin sinks for between $160 (CAD 220) for a drop-in, stainless steel model to $3,789 (CAD 5,160) for a portable, freestanding unit.

All of the above kitchen sink types may cost more or less than the suggested price ranges because the final price really depends on the sink’s design, materials and manufacturer. For example, utilitarian stainless steel kitchen sinks tend to be less expensive than fine granite installations of a similar size.

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Other Kitchen Sink Installation Cost Factors

Kitchen Sink Materials

One of the most basic factors that influences the price of installing or removing a kitchen sink is what the sink is made of. As we described above, larger sinks and sinks made of more expensive materials cost more, as do sinks made by certain brands. These costs will vary considerably based on your preference or kitchen needs.

Professional Labor

Aside from the sink itself, there’s also the cost of having a knowledgeable professional install the sink for you. While you might not have too much difficulty in removing an old kitchen sink yourself, it’s generally a good idea to consider a professional plumber for the actual installation of a new sink.

A pro knows how to shut off water valves, dismantle the countertop and hook up all the piping correctly. Plumbers charge different prices for different levels of job complexity — again, the price depends on how large your new sink will be — but generally, the cost of hiring a handyman or plumber to install a sink ranges between $200 and $500 (CAD 270 and CAD 680), or $45 to $150 (CAD 60 to CAD 205) per hour, for labor and extra materials.

Replacements or Damage

If you’re installing a sink into a completely new kitchen, it should be able to fit easily based on the layout you’ve arranged for it. In the case of sink replacement, though, sometimes the process of removing the old sink can cause additional damage that you need to fix. It might be possible to remove an old sink without damaging the surrounding countertop, but if the kitchen itself is old, the counter may be damaged enough to be worth removing as well.

Plumbing pipes below the sink may also need to be replaced, depending on their condition and age, so factor this into your budget if you believe you may need new piping.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Kitchen Faucet?

If you’re replacing your sink, it might be possible to reuse your old faucets in the new installation, but for a more uniform look, it’s probably a good idea to simply buy a new faucet set that’s designed to fit the new sink.

You can install your own kitchen faucet, but if you’re wary of doing this, they can be installed by a professional. Generally, it’s probably a good idea to have the same person install everything at the same time. A faucet is purchased separately from a sink, and they can have different prices depending on their brand materials and type.

According to Forbes, a standard kitchen faucet costs $250 (CAD 340) on average, while an elaborate or large name-brand faucet for a dual-basin sink can cost $4,000 (CAD 5,450) or more. These figures include the cost of professional installation.

Additional expenses for a new kitchen sink and faucet combo can include new countertops, as we mentioned above, or a new kitchen backsplash, depending on your needs and the layout of your new sink.

Should You Replace Your Kitchen Sink?

If your old kitchen sink is broken or slowly decaying, then you should absolutely replace it if you’re going to go to the trouble of repair work in the first place. A new sink in an old kitchen can create enormous value as a superior cooking and cleaning space. It can also add lots of visual appeal. Older or rustic kitchens often look wonderful with the added touch of a gleaming modern sink along their countertops.

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