How Much Does It Cost to Install Different Types of Decorative Lighting?

by Team HomeServe
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Light Fixture Installation Costs at a Glance

  • Ceiling lights: $150-$450
  • Recessed lights: $290-$400
  • Chandelier: $100-$200, replace; $300-$2,000, brand-new installation
  • Track lighting: $420-$600
  • Pendant lights: $300-$450
  • Outdoor lights: $430-$890

Installing new light fixtures in your home can transform your living space, and the right ones could even increase the value of your house. However, it always helps to know how much to budget for installing light fixtures before approaching a contractor for a quote.

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The guide below explains the cost of installing popular types of light fixtures and what factors into an electrician’s project quote.

How Do Electricians Calculate the Cost to Install a Light Fixture?

Most electricians charge per light, making it easy for you to figure out the cost of installing multiple lights by simply scaling up the quoted figure. However, some electricians charge for labor by the hour.

The cost to install light fixtures varies significantly depending on the type of lights you want and where you want them. Some types of lighting fixtures, such as track lighting and chandeliers, take significantly longer to install and therefore have higher labor costs.

Also, expect to pay more if you want to install new fixtures instead of simply replacing old ones because your electrician will need to make changes to your home's wiring and create a space in the wall or ceiling.

Another factor to consider is the conditions in the area where you want your new lights installed. Putting lights in easy-to-access areas is quicker and generally cheaper. If you have very high ceilings or want to install lights outside, expect it to cost more.

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How Much Does an Electrician Charge to Install Ceiling Lights?

Generally, you should expect to pay between about $150 and $450 per fixture to install flush-mount ceiling lights, according to Homewyse. The cost to install includes the cost of the fixture itself, labor and installation supplies. Each fixture should take a little over 2 hours to install.

However, installing ceiling lights could be significantly more expensive if you use premium fixtures and materials or add extra features such as dimmer switches. The figures above are based on mid-range materials, so the project may also be a little cheaper if you choose budget options.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Recessed Lights Installed?

Recessed lights are housed inside a wall or ceiling. Installing a light fixture will likely cost you between $290 and $400 per unit. This estimate is based on mid-range materials and fixtures. Making up this cost is labor, the lights themselves and some additional installation supplies.

How Much Does It Cost for an Electrician to Install a Chandelier?

How much it costs to install a chandelier depends on its size, its weight, your ceiling height and whether you're replacing an old light fitting. If you're replacing an old chandelier, Kompare It says you should expect to pay an electrician between $100 and $200.

However, installing a chandelier will cost significantly more if you’re starting from scratch. You should expect to pay around $300 to install a small chandelier on a ceiling of average height. If your chandelier is very large or you have high ceilings, installation could cost over $2,000 because it will require special lifting equipment and a support system.

Because the cost of installing a new chandelier is relatively expensive, many homeowners consider installing the fixture themselves to save money. Generally, this is only feasible if you're installing a small chandelier in place of an old one. If you're creating a whole new light fixture, your ceilings are high or you want a large chandelier, it's best to leave the task to the professionals.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install Track Lighting?

Track lighting is a fixture that supplies multiple light sources with electricity along a central support bar. Installing track lighting is relatively expensive per unit, but each unit provides more light than a recessed or ceiling light.

Installing mid-range fixtures with standard materials costs between about $420 and $600, including the cost of the lights, labor and supplies. Each unit will take an experienced electrician around 3.5 hours to install.

Track lighting is a popular option for illuminating outdoor areas such as decks and patios. The above figures cover track light installation in favorable conditions, so you may need to pay more than this for outdoor installation.

How Much Do Pendant Lights Cost to Install?

As the name suggests, a pendant light hangs from the ceiling and can act as an attractive decorative feature. The cost of the fixtures themselves varies widely and makes a significant difference to the overall project cost. The figures below are for a mid-range pendant with three individual bulbs and a glass shade.

The cost of purchasing and installing a pendant light should be between about $300 and $450 per fixture, each of which should take an electrician a little under 2.5 hours to install. This price includes the fixture, labor and installation supplies.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Outdoor Lights?

Installing outdoor lights is generally more expensive than installing light fixtures indoors. It costs roughly $430 and $890 to install a wall light outside, including the cost of the light and the labor fee. However, these figures could be significantly higher in cost depending on the type of lights you want.