How Much Does It Cost to Install an Attic Fan?

by Team HomeServe
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Keeping your house cool can involve many systems, including air conditioning, whole-house fans, ceiling fans and attic fans. One or a combination of these can work together to provide your home with cooling comfort.

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Of the choices, an attic fan is sometimes overlooked as a way to help keep your house cool. The cost of installing an attic fan is affordable enough that it should be a definite consideration when trying to keep your house cool. Here’s a cost breakdown.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Attic Fan?

Attic fan installation ranges from $300 to $900 (CAD 400 to CAD 1,200), according to HomeGuide. Prices vary depending on the type of fan you choose to install, whether permits are required for installation and any materials you may need, such as wiring or roofing material to replace shingles and seal holes.

There are three types of attic fan units. A non-powered turbine fan, the least expensive type, costs $50 to $100 (CAD 67 to CAD 133) and turns with the aid of rising heat inside the attic. An electric power attic fan costs $65 to $150 (CAD 87 to CAD 200). The most expensive type is a solar-powered fan costing between $120 to $300 (CAD 160 to CAD 400).

A do-it-yourself installation is cheaper because you only have to pay for the fan. However, you have to cut a hole in your roof and properly seal it afterward. This may require new roofing materials, which will drive up costs.

You also have to make sure that you have the proper tools, a long ladder and the knowledge and expertise to install the fan correctly. Finally, you have to get on the roof of your house, which puts you at risk of falling. If any part of this process seems like it’s likely to cause an issue, avoid the risks and hire a professional to do it for you.

It is also important to make a distinction between attic fans and whole-house fans since they are two different things that are sometimes confused. Attic fans cool just the attic, whereas whole-house fans cool — you guessed it — the entire house.

Do Roofers Install Attic Fans?

Roofers do install attic fans. Actually, it's a good idea to hire a roofer to do it because the installation will require cutting a hole in the roof itself. Once the fan is installed, the area has to be sealed, and new shingles and other roofing materials may have to be added.

An electrician, a handyman or an HVAC installer is able to install an attic fan as well. Any of these professionals may charge a fixed installation price or an hourly rate. If they charge an hourly rate, expect to pay around $420 to $680 (CAD 560 to CAD 907) in labor costs to install a new vented attic fan. If you're not hiring a roofer, be sure that the installer has enough roofing experience to properly seal and replace shingles.

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Do Attic Fans Save Money?

Temperatures in your attic can reach as much as 20 degrees higher than the outside temperature. That extra heat in your attic could transfer to the living space below, creating higher temperatures and making your living space hotter. In turn, this makes your cooling system work harder, potentially costing you more money.

The purpose of an attic fan is to cool the attic, which can reduce the temperature of your house. With reduced temperatures, your cooling system doesn't work as hard and you save money. In addition, using the fan can eliminate excess moisture from the attic space, preventing possible mold buildup. That said, there are variables that can affect how well an attic fan works, such as house construction, how well your attic is sealed from the living space and how well the attic is ventilated. All of this plays a part in how much money you save, if at all.

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