Top 4 benefits of Lighting Control Systems

by Team HomeServe |
Top 4 benefits of Lighting Control Systems for Home

With dimmers, sensors, timers, and smart bulbs, lighting control systems use advanced technology to enhance the convenience, safety and efficiency of your home. Plus, they're inherently personal, allowing you to program your lighting to suit your needs and preferences.

Why should you install a home lighting control system?

Think about the benefits:

1. Increased energy efficiency

The golden rule for saving electricity: The less time your lights are on, the lower your electricity bill will be. Lighting controls make it easy to know they're on only when you need them.

With smart lighting, you can open the app and turn off lights with a tap on your phone - even if you're not in the house. Plus, smart light bulbs can be at least 80 percent more efficient than typical bulbs, according to British Telecommunications.

You might forget to turn the lights off, but your timers and sensors won't. Program a personal schedule or use vacancy sensors to trigger the lights to switch off when no one is the room. Also, take advantage of dimmers whenever possible. They reduce the power to the lighting source, which will save energy, extend the bulb's life and reduce the need for electrical maintenance or repair from overuse.

2. Satisfied personal preferences

Lighting control systems offer intuitive flexibility. Change the amount of light depending on the time of day. (An example would be to set up dimmed lighting in the morning so that's easy on tired eyes.) Elevate your mood with bright lighting or relax with dimmed ambience; the choice is yours. Even better, you can program whatever you want at the push of a button.

Color-changing smart light bulbs give you creative freedom to set any kind of mood. Think neon purple for dance parties, ambient yellow glow for movie night or your favorite team's color on game day.

3. Enhanced convenience

You can control your lighting system with ease on the devices you already love, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Many systems also offer remotes or wall-mounted control centers. These options make it convenient to adjust in seconds.

Wireless switches will also up the convenience factor, as they don't require complex cabling systems to install or maintain. Dimmers and energy-saving light controls make it easy to work from home in a well-lit, productive environment without wasting too much electricity.

4. Improved safety

No more fumbling in the night to make your way to the bathroom! Sensors can help you navigate the house easily and a simple press of a button on the app can turn on the lights before you even leave your bed. You can also set your bedroom lights to mimic the rising and setting sun so you wake up and fall asleep naturally.

If you're headed on vacation, you can help deter anyone from taking advantage of your absence by setting your lights to turn on for a few hours each night. While this feature will use up electricity, it will give the impression that someone is home. In turn, you'll have peace of mind that thieves may be deterred and less likely to break in.

When you're home, you can use exterior motion detectors that turn on lights when someone walks by. This feature will alert you to suspicious activity and deter intruders from targeting your home. The U.S. Department of Energy recommended installing photo sensors too, as they will prevent outdoor lights from turning on during the daylight hours.

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