Leaky Toilet Leads to $3,100 Sewer Line Repair

Leaky Toilet Leads to $3,100 Sewer Line Repair

Charlie B., a firefighter from Conway, Arkansas, often spends a full day, sometimes longer, away from his home. That has never really been a problem though, because when he’s at the firehouse, his wife holds down the fort with their two young children.

One day during a shift, he got a call from his wife – there was water pooling in their main bathroom. Charlie wouldn’t be home to see the damage until the following day, but he figured that it could have been from the kids filling the bathtub with a little too much water. When he got back home though, he noticed a water mark near the base of the toilet, which clued Charlie into the fact that it was more severe than he thought. The very next day, the bath, washing machine and dishwasher were all being run at the same time when he noticed water seeping out from underneath the toilet in the very same bathroom.

“With a situation like this, your heart just sinks because you don’t know how serious it could be,” said Charlie.

He suspected it was his exterior sewer line, which he had covered under a repair plan from Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA). After a quick call to us, we sent out a local and reliable member of our contractor network, Superior Services. A technician came out and snaked the toilet drain, but they didn’t find or feel anything out of place.

"I enrolled in the plan for peace of mind and have no idea what we would have done if that had to come out of our pockets ahead of the holidays"

“The first technician that came out to take a look was extremely professional,”
Charlie said. “He basically advised to keep a close eye on it and to call back SLA if it happens again.” A few days later, the water started to pool at the base of the toilet again. Superior Services came back out but this time they ran a camera down the toilet into the main sewer line. They found dozens of roots that had infiltrated the line. The entire thing would need to be replaced. But luckily, it wouldn’t cost Charlie or his family a dime.

“When they told me the repair cost of the line would be covered by my repair plan, I couldn’t believe it,” Charlie said. “I enrolled in the plan for peace of mind and have no idea what we would have done if that had to come out of our pockets ahead of the holidays.”

A short time later, the job was completed, saving Charlie and his wife over $3,100. He first learned of the available repair plans from SLWA for Conway residents from a fellow firefighter he worked with. Charlie discussed it with his wife, and they decided there was no downside to signing up.

“I knew the repair plan was a smart investment but had no idea it would save me this much money at once,” said Charlie.

“It was as great of an experience as it could have been, considering the circumstances.”

Published Jan 07, 2024

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