How Much Does It Cost to Install Outdoor Lighting?

by Team HomeServe
Light bulb on the stone wall

Outdoor Lighting Costs at a Glance

  • Average installation/wiring cost: $2,900
  • Transformer: $350-$1,500
  • Light fixtures: $30-$200 each

Outdoor lighting can better illuminate the exterior of your home for your family and visitors. Outdoor fixtures can also light up your yard. They let you use your garden, deck or patio as an extension of your living space even after the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting is also useful near the front door or driveway. Installing motion-sensor-activated spotlights, for example, may reduce the likelihood of trips or slips down the front steps.

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Here’s how much it’ll cost to install outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

When predicting the overall cost of outside lighting, consider how many fixtures you need, the type of lighting you want and how far away the fixtures need to be placed from existing outlets.

According to, the average outdoor light installation cost with new wiring is approximately $2,900. This includes materials and labor for installing both the lights and new wiring. However, this is just an estimate. You may pay a lot less if you're just replacing existing outdoor light fixtures that already have wiring. Labor rates among electricians and contractors also vary depending on their skill level and location.

Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

Many homeowners choose to install outdoor lighting to make their homes more aesthetically pleasing. Outdoor lighting can also help improve security, as it may discourage intruders. Lighting for dark places, such as steps and walkways, can also make it easier to walk outside at night.

Homeowners often use outdoor lighting to highlight their architectural features and surrounding landscaping. LED lights can accentuate walkways, swimming pools or ponds, and draw the eye to your yard's best features.

What Affects How Much Outdoor Lighting Costs?

The cost to replace outdoor light fixtures varies depending on whether you have existing wiring outside. You may also need to have other fittings installed, such as an electrical box, junction box or ceiling fan. The total installation cost depends on these factors:

Labor Costs

One of the biggest influences on the overall installation price is the cost of labor. Hiring a professional can be costly, and it’s a wise idea to get accurate price estimates from a few different companies to be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Power Outlets

Most outdoor lighting uses low voltage systems, and modern homes may already have wiring available for the job.

Older homes may not have exterior power outlets or wiring, which are crucial to power a low voltage system. If your home isn't already equipped, an electrical contractor is usually required in this case to lay conduit and install exterior power outlets. Exterior outlets need to be ground-fault interrupter-protected. If your home doesn’t have the correct sockets, they’ll need to be upgraded by an electrician.

Wiring and Transformer

Outdoor lighting systems also require a transformer, the size of which is determined by the length of wiring used. Landscaping that includes outdoor lighting often has long runs of wire. These lengths of wire can be affected by resistance, causing them to lose voltage. A larger transformer may be needed so that the lights can all be kept on the same circuit. The cost of a transformer is generally between $350 to $1,500, depending on its size. You may also like to have a timer or dimmer installed.

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Types of Outdoor Lighting

There are many types and styles of outdoor lighting available, all with slightly different purposes. Choosing good quality light fixtures is essential. A variety of fittings are available in copper, steel, bronze, aluminum and other materials. Some have unique finishes, such as a powder color coating. High-quality light fittings are durable, long-lasting and cost-effective. Many come with a lifetime warranty. Light fixtures vary in price depending on the type, but they generally cost between $30 and $200, depending on the type of fixture and the brand you choose.

Here are some of the most common types of outdoor lighting:


Floodlights are a common choice for security lights that cover larger areas. They generally utilize LED bulbs to illuminate a large area and deter intruders. Before having floodlights installed, you’ll need to consider the level of brightness required.

Landscape Lights

Landscape lighting generally refers to any type of outdoor lights, including fairy lights, fluorescent ropes, spotlights, globes and LED light fixtures. Landscape lighting can illuminate patios, paths, driveways and walkways. Lanterns may be used to highlight floral displays and can emphasize architectural features. Landscape lighting can help make your yard more enjoyable by allowing you to utilize the space at night.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Installing motion-sensing lights can help you save on your electricity bills. Sensors can detect movement and heat using infrared waves and turn the lights on automatically when someone is nearby. You can also find lights that will stay lit for a preset amount of time. Track lighting can light up your driveway when a car pulls in.


Spotlights are generally used as recessed lighting and landscaping as they provide a focused light that illuminates frequently used areas, such as front doors. Spotlights create a beam of light directed at a focal point rather than flooding the whole area with light.

Pendant Lights

Outdoor pendant lighting can be suspended above your front door or from your terrace, decking or balcony. Pendant lights are commonly used to make a statement. They’re great for creating a relaxing ambiance and can make your decking feel like an extension of your home.

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