How Much Does an LG Smart Fridge Cost?

by Team HomeServe
Stainless steel LG brand refrigerator with two doors and two drawers sits against a white background

The range of smart appliances available has exploded recently, and many well-known manufacturers now produce Wi-Fi-enabled washers, ranges and even kettles. Smart refrigerators contain integrated Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you control the temperature and other functions remotely.

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LG is just one of the many household names manufacturing smart fridges. Below, you can find out how much LG smart refrigerators cost and what features the product range includes.

How Much Does an LG Smart Refrigerator Cost?

LG smart refrigerators cost between $1,899 and $8,999 (CAD 2,537 and CAD 12,020), depending on the model you choose. The price includes free delivery and a 10-year warranty on the inverter linear compressor. The most expensive LG smart fridges tend to be larger, and they include the full range of added features. The more affordable models feature fewer add-ons and a smaller capacity.

What Are the Different LG Smart Fridge Models?

All LG smart fridges feature French doors and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can control your LG smart fridge using the ThinQ app on your smartphone or tablet. This feature allows you to control its functions, access maintenance advice and receive troubleshooting alerts if the system detects an upcoming fault. The ThinQ app also includes Smart Learner technology that learns how you use your fridge to customize its temperature settings and ice output automatically.

Most LG smart fridges feature the company's signature Door-in-Door design. The fridge doors contain adjustable storage bins that glide up and down on runners to accommodate different packaging sizes. This feature allows you to use the door itself as additional storage. According to LG, using the Door-in-Door feature to store items you need to access frequently can significantly reduce cold air loss from the interior.

Some models feature LG's Craft Ice maker. This ice maker dispenses crushed ice, cubes and spherical ice that melts slower than ice made in molds. This feature combines with the Slim SpacePlus ice system that slots neatly inside the door to maximize food storage space. The ice dispenser also dispenses chilled water, and you can preset the volume to suit your cup or bottle.

Finally, some LG smart fridges include an InstaView smart panel. This panel is made of tinted glass that lights up when you knock on it twice, allowing you to check what's inside your fridge without opening the door. The InstaView panel helps you maintain an optimal food storage temperature by opening the door less frequently, preventing warm air from entering the fridge.

LG smart refrigerator sizes range from 22 to 31 cubic feet. The internal capacity is somewhat — but not necessarily — related to the price; the most expensive model has a 26-cubic-foot capacity, but it includes the full gamut of added features. If you want all the features described, you should expect to pay toward the top end of the price range.

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What's the Price Difference Between Smart and Regular LG Fridges?

LG smart refrigerators are significantly more expensive than LG fridges without Wi-Fi connectivity. For example, the most affordable 28-cubic-foot LG smart fridge with InstaView and Door-in-Door functionality costs about $3,119 (CAD 4,166). Meanwhile, you can purchase a 26-cubic-foot refrigerator without Wi-Fi connectivity but with otherwise comparable features for $2,099 (CAD 2,804).

Furthermore, there are more affordable LG fridges available if you're prepared to live without smart features. The cheapest LG fridge/freezer option costs $649 (CAD 867). Therefore, it's worth considering how useful you're likely to find Wi-Fi connectivity and whether you feel it's worth the markup.

All CAD conversions are based on the exchange rate on the date of publication.