How Much Do Samsung Smart Refrigerators Cost?

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smart refrigerator in home kitchen

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Samsung Smart Refrigerator Costs at a Glance

  • Smart refrigerator price range: $1,229-$4,599
  • Installation fee: $9.99
  • Removal and recycling: $15

It seems like more and more everyday items are being reinvented through integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. You almost certainly have a device such as a smartphone or smart television in your home already, but the smart revolution is now coming to your kitchen. Nowadays, many manufacturers are producing smart dishwashers, coffee makers and even refrigerators.

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You can control a smart refrigerator remotely using a smartphone app, and many come with convenient extra features. Samsung is one of the best-known companies producing smart refrigerators. Here's how much Samsung smart refrigerators cost and what features you get for the price.

How Much Does a Samsung Smart Refrigerator Cost?

The cost of a Samsung smart refrigerator ranges between $1,229 and $4,599, depending on the model, size and finish you select. The most affordable models in the Samsung smart refrigerator range include Wi-Fi connectivity for remote temperature control, and the most expensive options come with various advanced features.

All Samsung smart refrigerators include free delivery. Samsung charges additional service fees of $9.99 for installation and $15 to remove and recycle your old fridge.

What Features Do Samsung Smart Refrigerators Have?

smart refrigerator in home kitchen

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Samsung smart refrigerators come in a wide variety of configurations, including top freezer, 4-door and even bespoke designs. Each model connects to the SmartThings app via integrated Wi-Fi, letting you adjust the settings and check the temperature from any compatible device. The smudge-resistant finishes make it easier to keep your fridge clean without leaving fingerprints behind whenever you grab something to eat or drink.

All Samsung smart refrigerators contain multiple vents to ensure consistent cooling throughout the entire interior. Some models also feature Samsung's FlexZone technology that allows you to switch the internal storage spaces between fridge and freezer mode for added flexibility. Fridges with FlexZone have various preset temperatures for different products so that you can choose the ideal setting for each section.

Certain models also come with a Family Hub built into one of the door fronts. A Family Hub functions somewhat like a large tablet and lets you connect to virtual assistant devices to control the fridge with your voice. You can also use it to perform a wide range of other tasks, such as writing shopping lists and sending messages from a convenient central location in your kitchen. These models also have internal cameras that let you see what's inside your fridge from anywhere.

Not all Samsung smart refrigerators come with a full range of smart features. It's important to check the product specifications to ensure that the model you're considering includes the features you're looking for.

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How Long Do Smart Fridges Last?

Smart fridges should last roughly as long as a regular refrigerator — 10 years or more, according to Wirecutter. However, while the fridge will continue to keep food adequately cool for this long, that doesn't mean that the smart features will last for the same amount of time.

Some critics of smart appliances are concerned that manufacturers could stop releasing software and security updates for smart appliances long before they reach the end of their expected lifespan. Fortunately, Samsung has released a statement committing to providing security updates for smart appliances for at least the warranty length, which is 10 years for a Samsung smart refrigerator.