5 Best Smart Refrigerators for Various Household Needs

by Team HomeServe
A young woman choosing what healthy snack to get out of her smart fridge

Purchasing a new refrigerator is a major investment. So it’s important that you choose a model that suits your kitchen’s décor as well as your family’s needs. One intriguing option that’s increasing in popularity is the smart refrigerator.

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The functionality you can expect from a smart refrigerator varies, according to the model, but the most basic options have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or both. More advanced models come complete with several fun features that can help with organization, such as preinstalled apps and touchscreens.

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, consider these five smart refrigerators:

Best Multipurpose Smart Refrigerator: GE Profile

The GE Profile boasts nearly 28 cubic feet of space to store your family’s food items. The French door style keeps everything in easy reach. The unit has a backlit LED screen that's simple to use, and it features Wi-Fi and Amazon Echo compatibility.

Unlike some French door refrigerators that only have a large and deep drawer at the bottom for freezer space, the GE Profile has a divider that's convenient to set it up, according to the frozen foods you need to store. There’s also a pull-out shelving system to accommodate more items.

The French doors smoothly slide open, revealing a host of shelves and drawers to organize your foods. There’s plenty of room in the inset bay for pitchers, and the shelving is very sturdy.

On top of those features, this smart refrigerator also features a Keurig hot beverage machine. You can make K-cup beverages instantly — right from the fridge. There’s also an ice maker and a water dispenser for added convenience.

Best Smart Refrigerator for Busy Households: Samsung Family Hub

The Samsung Family Hub is a side-by-side unit that features four doors and 22 cubic feet of space. Each door has a shelving system that isn’t as deep as some comparable models. One interesting feature behind these doors is that the lower right section can be used as a refrigerator or freezer, depending on how much you need to store.

The smart refrigerator includes an ice and water dispenser on the upper left door. The upper right door has a large touchscreen display. Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant, which is similar to Amazon’s Alexa, enables you to create a grocery list with voice commands. You can also use the refrigerator as an entertainment hub, as there are built-in speakers to play music for you to enjoy while you cook and dine.

Best Easy-to-Use Smart Refrigerator: LG InstaView

The LG InstaView offers an impressive 23 cubic feet of storage space. Its French door style offers two lower drawers. One is a CustomChill drawer that enables you to choose the temperature that’s best for the items housed in it.

The refrigerator portion of the unit boasts deep shelving and bins for organization. The freezer portion features a deep bin with two sliding drawers to make it easier to store items.

An ice and water dispenser is located on the left door, and a window that offers a view into the refrigerator is located on the right door. This makes it a bit more accessible to quickly see what’s inside without having to constantly open the door. Be aware that the viewing area through the window doesn’t show the entire refrigerator, so placing the most frequently used items on the right side of the smart refrigerator might be beneficial.

You can also install the LG app on your phone so you can take full control of this refrigerator. The LG InstaView also includes SmartDiagnosis so that the LG service center can attempt to diagnose issues with it remotely.

Best Smart Refrigerator for Small Spaces: GE Café Counter-Depth

The GE Café Counter-Depth smart refrigerator is designed for small spaces, but it has an impressive 23.1 cubic feet of space. The lower freezer space is 7.2 cubic feet. Inside the refrigerator, there's ample shelving that’s deep enough to accommodate cartons and bottles.

An interesting feature of this smart refrigerator is the evaporator system. GE’s TwinChill system helps to prevent freezer burn and keeps food fresher, longer.

This smart refrigerator has Wi-Fi Connect, so you can use it in conjunction with a compatible smart device like Amazon Alexa. Once this is done, you can control the settings from another room.

Best Entry-Level Smart Refrigerator: Frigidaire Gallery Series

The Frigidaire Gallery Series doesn’t come with all of the advanced features of many other smart refrigerators. It has 22.5 cubic feet of storage space and is ideal for people who want an easy-to-use smart fridge.

The side-by-side counter-depth unit has spacious bins, deep shelving, and in-door storage spaces. The Store-More bins are spacious enough to hold many large items, including a gallon of milk. Some shelves and bins are adjustable, so you can make this unit work for your needs.

The left side door features a display panel and a water and ice dispenser. The display panel makes it easy for you to set the temperature for the refrigerator and freezer. You can also choose between crushed ice and cubed ice from the door of the refrigerator.

Special Considerations for Smart Refrigerators

When considering the purchase of a smart refrigerator, be sure to check the size of your space so that your kitchen can accommodate. This may enable you to cross a few off your list before you do too much in-depth research.

Because these smart refrigerators often require plumbing integration, it's important to consider hiring a professional. It’s possible to do the job yourself; however, you must ensure that you’re following local building codes if you have to alter the plumbing system. You also need to use proper safety precautions, such as unplugging the smart refrigerator prior to starting the plumbing installation.

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