How Much Does an LG Smart Range Cost?

by Team HomeServe
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Today's busy lifestyles call for high-tech solutions. Cooking is something that can take up a lot of time, but using an LG smart range means you can manage your oven remotely, get recipes and cooking tips and even control cooking temperatures using smart home assistants.

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But how much does a smart LG range cost, and are they worth the money?

What Features Do LG Smart Ranges Have?

LG makes several different smart ranges. They offer gas and electric options with a variety of features, including:

  • Fan convection: Cook food more quickly and evenly with fan-based convection.
  • ProBake convection: Reduce the need for preheating and cook food more evenly when you have food on multiple shelves.
  • EasyClean: Loosen baked-on dirt with the easy-clean feature, which uses low temperatures to make it easier to remove debris.
  • InstaView: Simply tap on the oven door to turn on the light, rather than opening the door and ruining your baked goods.
  • Air fry: Cook fried foods without using as much oil.

In addition to the above, all LG smart ranges connect to the LG ThinQ app, which you can use to get status updates, check diagnostics and remote-control the oven. The above features are available on both gas and electric models, meaning you can find the perfect range for whatever your kitchen is set up for.

How Much Does an LG Smart Range Cost?

The cost of an LG smart range depends on the type you want, its size and its features. For example:

These prices are not all that different from what you would expect to pay for smart ranges from other manufacturers. Smart ranges are usually more expensive than conventional models, however.

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How Does a Smart Range Differ From a Regular Range?

If you’re in the market for a range, you'll notice the key difference between smart and conventional ranges is the Wi-Fi connectivity. While you can set a timer on a conventional oven, smart ranges go a step further by letting you manage that timer using your smartphone or in-home assistant and even view the status of your oven while you're out of the house. Smart ranges can integrate with third-party apps to help you with cooking times or recipes, too.

This means you could leave something in the oven when you go out to work, set it off cooking when you're on the way home and turn the temperature down if you end up stuck in.

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