How Much Does Google Nest Hub Cost?

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Google Nest Hub Costs at a Glance

  • Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation): $99
  • Google Nest Hub Max: $229
  • Installation: $99
  • Nest Aware subscription: $60 per year
  • Nest Aware Plus subscription: $120 per year

As smart as our devices are these days, you still need multiple in order to have the full range of smart-home functionality. You likely play music on a smart speaker, check your security cameras on your phone and display photos in a digital frame or on your TV. But what if you could get all this in one package?

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Google Nest Hub devices work with Google Assistant to help you manage your life and your household. Here’s how much it’ll cost to add one to your home.

What Are the Different Models of Google Nest Hub?

Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation) has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $99 when purchased directly from the Google Store. However, other retailers may offer this model for more or less, depending on the retailer. This does not include the cost of installation, which is available from Google and starts at $99. Google Nest Hub Max, the most recent addition to the Nest Hub family, starts at $229. Both items are available in the Google Store and at select retailers.

The original Google Nest Hub (1st Generation) may sell for significantly less, but its availability is limited since it is no longer in production.

Does Google Nest Hub Require a Subscription?

Basic features of Google Nest Hub are available without a subscription, but users must have a free Google account to use the Hub. Google offers subscriptions to Nest Aware, which integrates with your home’s Nest cameras to allow features such as event-based video history, up to 60 days of storage of video for future viewing, continuous, uninterrupted recording and the ability to call 911 to the home even if the user isn’t present. Nest Aware also offers Familiar Face technology that learns the difference between strangers and friends and sound detection technology that alerts users to smoke alarms going off or glass breaking when they are not home.

A Nest Aware subscription costs $60 per year and offers 30 days of video storage. For the full 60 days of video storage, you’ll need a Nest Aware Plus subscription, which is $120 per year.

What Features Does Google Nest Hub Have?

The 2nd Generation Google Nest Hub has many of the same features as the original Nest Hub, including the ability to play videos, music and other content. It also allows users to control their compatible smart components and devices, all from one single place. Some standout features of the Google Nest Hub include:

  • 7-inch LCD touchscreen for quick navigation
  • Ability to watch channels like Disney+ or stream content from Netflix
  • Ability to view Google Photos
  • 7-inch speakers for listening to music on Spotify, YouTube and elsewhere
  • Preview of Google’s Sleep Sensing technology (free until 2022)
  • Ability to place calls hands-free using Meet or Duo
  • Touch-free use with hand gesture control
Backside view of a gray Google Nest Hub tablet resting on a white table with a cord coming out of it.

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What Features Does Google Nest Hub Max Have?

Google Nest Hub Max is the souped-up version of Google Nest Hub, so it has a few added features and technology not seen in the baseline version of the device. The headlining upgrade for the Nest Hub Max is the addition of an on-board camera, something that is lacking in the first two basic Hub (and originally, Google Home Hub) iterations. Some of the features of the Google Nest Hub Max include:

  • Capability to make video calls and leave video messages using Duo
  • Google Photos integration for instant sharing of photos with family or friends
  • Integration with thousands of devices for your smart home, from locks to TVs, lights, game consoles and speakers — all with voice control from a single dashboard
  • Operation of smart components, including volume control, search, pause and play commands
  • An HD screen with high-quality speakers for enjoying videos and TV content
  • Upgraded speakers
  • Built-in Chromecast for streaming apps or listening to music
  • Individualized viewing of family member’s calendars and reminders
  • Hey Google capability
  • Familiar Face alerts in some markets
  • Support for up to six users through Google Duo
  • Works with other Nest and Google components, including Nest thermostats, cameras, doorbells, alarms, smoke alarms and Wi-Fi

What Are Some Components That Go With the Google Nest Hub?

Google offers dozens of components that integrate easily with its Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. A few of them include indoor and outdoor cameras, video doorbells, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm units, locks, thermostats and speakers. According to the company, there are over 50,000 smart devices on the market (like TVs, remotes, lights and appliances) made by other brands that can be controlled from the Hub.

The bottom line when it comes to the Google Nest Hub and its smarter cousin, the Google Nest Hub Max, is that these devices are useful in many ways — whether you’re looking to organize your smart home, streamline home automation or get homework help from Google Assistant.

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