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Homeownership seems so easy until you’re actually faced with dealing with unexpected home repairs. The responsibility of knowing that if something breaks, you’re responsible. For example, the workhorse of the house: your water heater. If you need a water heater repair or a water heater replacement, you’re going to be faced with both the hassle of no hot water for showering and laundry, and the costly repair bills that come along with it.

That’s why HomeServe offers water heater repair coverage. When you’re armed with a plan, and a water heater emergency occurs, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to fix it.

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What Is a Water Heater Repair Plan?

A Water Heater Repair Plan is optional coverage that safeguards you against a water heater breakdown, which can happen at any time. The Water Heater Repair Plan covers the costs to repair a tank-based electric, natural gas or propane water heater that is damaged from normal wear and tear. With a repair plan from HomeServe, you can help protect yourself from the cost and hassle of emergency water heater repairs.

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What Does a Water Heater Repair Plan From HomeServe Cover?

Having water heater coverage can help homeowners, like you, deal with inconvenience and costly repair bills that can come along when a water heater breaks down. When you wake up one cold morning to no hot water, your first place to check is the water heater. While it may be hard for you to distinguish the issue, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that water heater repair plans from HomeServe cover:

  • Burner supply tube and assembly
  • Drain and gas valves
  • Pilot light
  • Temperature control
  • Main burner

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What Can Water Heater Problems Cause?

Having a leaky water heater or a water heater breakdown can cause you to have to put daily life on hold. When this happens, homeowners quickly realize all the things they use hot water for and it can mean you and your family will have to go without hot showers, laundry, cooking, and more. And if not addressed quickly, a water heater leak could cause damage to your home. Some of the telltale signs of water heater problems include:

  • Banging or rumbling noises from the tank
  • Hot water that looks red or yellow
  • Unusually high energy bills
  • A sudden decline in hot water temperature
  • No hot water/ice cold water from your faucets
  • Leaking around the tank

When you have a home repair plan from HomeServe in place, and your water heater breaks, you simply call our 24/7 repair hotline. No worries. We’ll send a professional to address the covered water heater repair.

Is a Water Heater Repair Plan Worth it?

Little known fact: water heater problems are common and can be expensive. So it makes sense to prepare with a water heater coverage. Having a water heater warranty plan in place means you don’t have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars for any covered repairs. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing damage to your home resulting from water heater problems will be addressed by an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does homeowners’ insurance cover water heaters?

    Many homeowners mistakenly believe that water heater repairs are covered by their homeowners' insurance. However, water heater damage from normal wear and tear is not typically covered by a basic homeowners' insurance policy. That’s why being prepared with a water heater repair plan from HomeServe is a smart idea.

  • Does a home warranty company offer plans that cover a water heater?

    Depending on the home warranty company, water heater coverage is available. But no matter how functional your hot water heater is, repairs and maintenance are an inevitable part of owning this appliance. Be ready before issues arise with water heater warranty plan from HomeServe. Once enrolled, we can help you manage water heater repairs quickly and affordably. Whenever a covered issue pops up, all you need to do is give our 24/7 repair hotline a call. We’ll send a local, expert plumbing contractor who can help to get your hot water heater working as soon as possible.

  • How long is the home warranty plan on a hot water heater?

    The length of a hot water heater warranty plan can depend on the type of water heater you have and the type of coverage you’ve purchased. With a water heater warranty plan from HomeServe, the plan is annual and covered repairs are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.

  • What are the signs of a failing water heater?

    If not addressed quickly, a failing water heater could cause damage to your home. Some of the obvious signs of water heater problems include:

    • Leaking around the tank
    • Banging or rumbling noises from the tank
    • Hot water that looks red or yellow
    • Unusually high energy bills
    • A sudden decline in hot water temperature
    • No hot water
    • Ice cold water running from your faucets'

What HomeServe Customers Have to Say

  • South Jersey, N.J. (Linda)

    “All employees involved in rectifying my problem with my furnace were more than polite, friendly, and efficient. The issue was identified, the part(s) ordered, a call from the office personnel to set up an appointment, the techs were on time, friendly, and fixed my problem. I would definitely recommend HomeServe and its employees to anyone."

  • Grand Prairie, Texas (Craig)

    “We had a tankless hot water heater installed by another plumbing company. We used it for 30 years and it never worked right. After filling a warranty claim our service provider came out and identified seven mistakes from the previous installers. The system has worked perfectly ever since he fixed the install. We have now used them two other times for other plumbing needs and they are our plumbers for life. On time

  • Lincolnton, NC (Jerry)

    “Love this company. The people they sent were very helpful and did a great job.”

  • Glendale, AZ (Shan)

    “I had excellent service from your tech. He removed the old water heater

Disclaimer: Coverage not available everywhere. Plan benefits, limitations and exclusions vary. To find specific plans available in your area, please use the zip-in feature on our site.

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