ServLine Leak Protection Program Passes $20 Million Savings Milestone for Utilities
Program protects customers faced with high water bills resulting from leaks on their property

Chattanooga, TN - September 14, 2021 – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that at least ten percent of homes in the U.S. have a water leak of 90 or more gallons every day. Countless other homes have smaller leaks that can add up significantly over time, placing a heavy financial burden on families with an exceptionally high water bill. When this happens, two scenarios result: either a homeowner is responsible payment of the much higher than usual bill resulting from the leak or the utility has to cover the cost of the lost water. Either way, when leaks occur the situation tends to create a customer relations problem for the utility.

That's where the ServLine Water Leak Protection steps in. ServLine by HomeServe, offers a unique leak adjustment program to participating utilities to help cover high water bill costs that result from leaking water pipes on a homeowner's property. Today, ServLine has reached the significant milestone of saving its participating water utilities and their customers $22 million over the past seven years.

"Customers are hit twice when faced with a leaking or broken water pipe. They have the cost to repair the leak itself and then a much higher water bill," explained Tom Rusin, CEO of HomeServe USA, ServLine's parent company. "Through the ServLine leak adjustment program, utilities across the country provide their customers peace of mind that they will not have the stress of funding an abnormally high water bill after an issue with a leaking pipe or fixture arises. The program has been wildly successful as evidenced by the total cost savings it has been able to offer."

Founded in 2014, ServLine now works with 175 participating rural water utilities through an exclusive partnership with the National Rural Water Association (NRWA) and now with 30 State Rural Water Associations. Utilities participating in the ServLine programs currently have more than 600,000 homeowner connections covered under the leak adjustment program.

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About ServLine

ServLine by HomeServe, is a unique leak protection program available to water utilities to help them better serve customers while improving utility operations. Since 2014, ServLine has insured utilities against the financial loss resulting from customer water leaks and provides turnkey administation of leak adjustments to ease operational impact. ServLine is a vetted partner of the National Rural Water Association and multiple state associations. The program has paid 100% of claims that have met the participating utility's leak guidelines.

About HomeServe

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