New HomeServe Stories Hub Highlights Exceptional Customer Experiences

Norwalk, Connecticut – June 27, 2023 – At HomeServe, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. That’s why, for almost 20 years, HomeServe has been a leader in home emergency repairs and installations for nearly 5 million customers. Every day, thousands of people visit to learn about the benefits of subscribing to our service plans, which take the worry and inconvenience out of home emergency repairs.

Today, HomeServe is excited to bring a new feature to our website: A customer-focused content hub featuring stories directly from customers in the United States and Canada. Our Customer Stories content hub features 50 stories from real, satisfied homeowners who were excited to tell the world about the exceptional service and peace-of-mind they received when working with HomeServe. These stories include:

  • Sally from Bellmore, New York who called HomeServe about a sewer line problem and had a local contractor there the very next day to assess and complete the repair. Having a HomeServe plan meant that Sally did not have to pay out-of-pocket for the $8,500 repair. “If I hadn’t enrolled in this policy, I would have had to put this entire repair on my credit card - I never would have had the funds for or expected a surprise repair of this nature,” Sally explained.
  • Ronald S. of Brockton, Mass. explains that, while he’s had several different home warranty service companies over the years, “I’ve never seen such excellence as I’ve received from HomeServe. I had an electrical problem, and, within 48 hours, it was fixed.”
  • The site also features jobs completed free of charge for non-customers through the HomeServe Cares Foundation, including Christine from Boise, Idaho whose home’s failing infrastructure was losing thousands of gallons of water every day. Her water provider connected Christine to the HomeServe Cares Foundation, which worked with a local contractor to replace the failing line. The Foundation covered the entire $6,500 cost for Christine and her family.

These are just three stories from homeowners who shared their story with HomeServe, but they’re among the tens of thousands of satisfied customers who share their feedback with us every year.

“Hearing from our customers every day is among the highlights of my job as CEO. The stories we’re sharing today – and will continue sharing - represent just a sampling of the countless positive testimonials we receive every year from customers who are so thankful that HomeServe was there for them during a stressful home emergency,” said Tom Rusin, CEO of HomeServe North America. “I often tell people HomeServe is more than a service provider; we’re a customer service company. That’s because offering customers the highest level of service is at the very core of who we are, and what we do at HomeServe.”

The customers featured in the Customers Stories content hub are verified homeowners who had a repair completed and covered by their repair service plan or through the HomeServe Cares Foundation. These homeowners weren’t compensated to share their experiences. They simply wanted to tell their story because they know it’s inevitable that homeowners in their community and elsewhere could also benefit from HomeServe. When faced with their emergency home repair, these customers wondered, “I don’t have time for this. Who’s going to fix it? And how much is it going to cost?” But because they had access to HomeServe, those concerns quickly went away with a simple phone call.

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