Kansas City Family Wins a New Water Heater in HomeServe-Sponsored Giveaway

HomeServe North America held a nationwide giveaway on social media, #HeatUpTheHolidays, in January and February with a grand prize of a water heater installation, and Saroj J. of Kansas City, Kansas, was the grand prize winner.

More than 7,000 people across the country entered between Dec. 20 and Jan. 6, using the hashtag #HeatUpTheHolidays on social media to throw their hat in the ring for the prize, which was valued at $2,700, including installation, labor and material costs. Those interested also could enter by email.

Those who entered the contest emphasized that their aging water heaters needed immediate replacement:

"I sure could use this," wrote Paula G. "My hot water heater is the original to my home and is over 35 years old."

"Have an ancient hot water heater about ready to kick the bucket," Alexis M. wrote. "Sure would love hot showers."

"Need a replacement badly," Mary Ellen D. wrote. "Ours is 20+ years old!"

"An upgrade would be amazing because mine can't keep up with my family of four," Taryn R. wrote.

"Solo parenting leaves no extra dimes to replace," Lorie R. wrote. "Mine is leaking and I empty a pail every day and it's filling faster and faster. Dreading the day my kids and I can't shower."

HomeServe network contractor K Jett Services, of nearby Belton, MO, sent out a two-man crew to Saroj's home to install the brand-new water heater and ensure that everything was up to code and hooked up correctly. The experienced crew was in and out within two hours and hauled away the old water heater.

"Thanks for the nice water heater," Saroj said. "Our hot water comes fast now, better than before."

As part of our service to customers, HomeServe works with a nationwide network of top-performing contactors who provide quality workmanship and service that meets all safety and local building code regulations. HomeServe ensures that our contractors are fully insured, licensed and pre-vetted before they arrive at a customer's home. In addition, HomeServe also sends out post-job satisfaction surveys to make sure that customers are satisfied that the repairs live up to our high standards.

Saroj and his family saw this top-shelf service themselves on the day of the installation, which took place in late-February.

"The customer has a new hot water heater and is very pleased with it," Karen Owens, office manager with K Jett shared. "He said he will give all of us five stars!"

If winning a new water heater isn't in the cards for you, regular maintenance of your current water heater is a low-cost, easy way to extend its useable lifespan. A one-time addition of insulation to the water heater and the hot and cold water pipes will reduce heat loss by 45 percent, lowering energy costs for heating your water by 9 percent. Another cost-saving tip is to set the temperature on the water heater at 120 degrees – for every 10 degrees the temperature is lowered, you save 5 percent in water heating costs.

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Annually, you should drain the water heater to remove particulate or sediment that your water carries into the tank and check the pressure release valve – this will open up to, you guessed it, relieve pressure, but it can also start leaking. If you're a DIYer, you can purchase a new valve for $20, but if you'd rather have a professional, a plumber can replace it for between $150 and $300. Also, check your anode rod – this is the part that keeps the water from corroding the tank in your water heater from the inside out. If it is covered in calcium or badly corroded, you can either buy a new one for $50 and install it yourself or hire a plumber for between $250 and $300 – less expensive than the $650 to $2,000 it costs on average to replace a water heater.

However, with a water heater repair or replacement plan from HomeServe, you don't need to worry about teaching yourself how to repair your water heater on the fly or paying for a professional’s help. For an affordable monthly payment, you’re covered if something goes wrong, and, with one call to our customer service center – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year – we will dispatch a qualified plumber, like K Jett Services, to your home to address the issue. There are no upfront costs or deductibles, and we pay the contractor directly. Learn more about our affordable plans.

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