HomeServe Helps Riverdale Woman Keep Home Running Smoothly

Cynthia T. of Riverdale, Ga., is a long-time, loyal customer of HomeServe through the company's Service Line Warranty Program with the City of Riverdale and swears by the suite of repair service plans that cover nearly every aspect of her home, from the exterior electric and water, sewer and gas service lines to her in-home electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC and appliances.

Over the years, HomeServe has dispatched local contractors across the various trades to address issues with Cynthia's plumbing and electrical systems and also to replace her water heater and dryer.

"I saw the advertisement that came in the mail once, years ago, so when I moved into my house – it's an older house – and I thought that it would be good to have," Cynthia said. "At first, I had only a few things, but I thought, you know, I'll go ahead and get all the available plans. And if anything goes wrong, you guys take care of it. I had a big flood in my front yard (from a broken water service line), and you sent people out. They dug up my yard, changed the pipe, came back out and planted grass, and I didn't pull one penny out of my pocket. Not one."

Over the years, HomeServe has repaired much more than Cynthia's water service line, she has also had repairs to her electrical wiring and interior plumbing and drains. Additionally, HomeServe replaced Cynthia's water heater and dryer.

"You replaced my water heater, did everything, and it only cost me $100 (to bring it up to code)," she said. "My dryer went out on me, and the technicians looked up the serial number, then brought me a new one (of the same model) and took the old one away – I didn't have to do anything."

Over more than a decade as a HomeServe customer, Cynthia also has had several repairs to her HVAC systems. One thing that has been consistent across her experience has been the customer service and empathy offered by HomeServe representatives.

"Everyone has been very nice, whenever I've called," Cynthia said, adding that during her latest claim, to replace her refrigerator, she received exceptional service from Patricia Cummings, HomeServe's appliance operations specialist. "She was on it; she was calling every day to make sure I was OK. Just her personality, her voice, you could tell that she cared and that she was feeling my pain. She walked me through it."

Her refrigerator had stopped working, and her freezer was no longer keeping items frozen, just cold. After a technician visit, Cynthia's refrigerator was deemed unrepairable, and she received a $780 reimbursement to replace it.

"I walked into (the appliance store) and it was like heaven had opened," she said. "No one else was there, I walked up and boom, bought it right there on a Friday, and Sunday, I had the refrigerator in there. Three days after I purchased it, I got the (reimbursement) check in the mail."

"I have nothing bad to say. I tell all my friends about HomeServe and tell them they should get it, that they take care of you. They have always taken good care of me."

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