HomeServe Marks 9th Annual National Tune-Up Day on September 25th

Tune-Up Now to Protect Against Expensive Repairs and Improve Energy Efficiency

Norwalk, CT (September 20, 2022) – A recent HomeServe survey found that nearly one in three Americans (28%) had an HVAC repair in the past 12 months and half had such a repair in the past two years, emphasizing the critical need for an annual HVAC tune-up

In 2014, HomeServe established National Tune-Up Day, September 25, to remind homeowners to have their HVAC systems serviced before the heating season begins – and winter rush on HVAC repairs – and to educate them about the importance of maintaining their HVAC systems. An aging, inefficient and poorly maintained HVAC system can add up to 30% to a household’s energy bill, but an annual tune-up can spot problems before they develop into expensive repairs and even prevent unit failures.

By promoting National Tune-Up Day, which is recognized by the National Day Calendar, HomeServe hopes to help homeowners avoid costly repairs or even more expensive equipment replacement during the winter months. Since 36% percent of Americans say they have $500 or less or even no money at all set aside for a home emergency, homeowners should act now to prevent losing their central heat during a winter that the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting to be colder and snowier than normal across the East Coast and Midwest.

"We see it every year – a cold snap hits, furnaces either fail or don’t start to begin with, and there’s a mad scramble to find a qualified contractor with availability," said Tom Rusin, HomeServe North America CEO. "Many cold nights could be avoided with a quick and affordable maintenance visit to ensure that the system is working properly and ready for the cold weather."

Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Energy’s Energy Star program recommend an annual tune-up for heating systems. Each year, carbon monoxide (CO) claims the lives of hundreds of people and makes thousands more ill because of CO exposure. The CDC recommends annual tune-ups to help reduce accidental CO exposure, along with the installation of CO detectors in the home.

Energy Star encourages annual tune-ups to improve the energy efficiency of home heating systems and reduce the cost of home heating. Approximately one-half of residential energy usage is dedicated to heating and cooling the home and neglecting a tune-up can force the system to labor harder, straining the unit and wasting energy.

According to HomeServe data, the cost of a gas boiler or furnace tune-up ranges between $50 and $300 depending upon location, while common electric heating system repairs can average between $175 to $400 and more complex gas heating system repairs can range between $375 and $1,200. During a heating system tune-up, which should take about an hour, professional heating technicians typically have the following checklist:

  • Check safety systems and controls
  • Check/adjust thermostats
  • Check/adjust burners
  • Check/clean pilot
  • Check/clean gauge and flush low water cut-off
  • Check filters and belts
  • Check flue pipe and chimney draft
  • Check oil in motors and pumps
  • Check/clean blower assembly
  • Check condensate line, if applicable

HomeServe offers home heating protection plans, including plans that provide tune-ups, as well as service plans for water, sewer, electrical and other home emergencies. All plan holders have access to a Repair Hotline that is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and a network of employed or local, licensed and insured technicians available to come to their home for repairs. More information is available at

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