Gurgling Drains No Longer a Problem for Kansas Homeowner

When you live in a split-level home where the first floor is partially below ground, a gurgling drain is a big concern.

Dana S. of Ottawa, Kansas, had been living in his home for 40 years, so when he heard a familiar gurgle, he knew it was bad news.

"Where we live, there are trees everywhere," he said. "And I live in a spilt-level house, where the downstairs is four feet underground, so a gurgle is a bad thing."

Trees are unwelcome news for sewer lines, especially for clay sewer lines like the one serving Dana’s home. Tree and shrub roots dive deep underground and often wedge their way into sewer lines, seeking moisture and nutrients, breaking them apart and clogging them.

Given the problem that roots pose to Dana’s sewer line, when the City of Ottawa made an emergency home repair plan for sewer service lines available, Dana signed up.

"I worked for the city, so I knew it was a good program, especially if you lived in the older part of Ottawa," he said. "If fact, the lady across the street has the same problem as me – roots."

The plan has saved him thousands over the years, and he has been saved the hassle of finding and vetting a contractor to do the work whenever his pipes made that troublesome gurgle. Instead, all Dana needed to do was to contact HomeServe, which dispatched a licensed and insured contractor to his home to do the work and took care of the bill.

"The people at HomeServe have always been great, and they get right on it," Dana said. "Other than one time, I’ve always gotten someone out the same day."

However, there came a day when Dana’s line finally collapsed under the onslaught of root intrusions, and 35 feet needed to be replaced. HomeServe dispatched AA Drain Medic Inc. and the service plan covered the cost of more than $7,300.

"It was discovered on a Friday morning, and they were here Saturday morning digging it out and putting the new one in," Dana said.

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In addition to replacing the sewer line, the Drain Medic crew had to replace the sidewalk.

"They had to tear it all out from the front porch to the street," Dana said. "Fifty-plus years ago, they just put the sidewalk over the line, so (Drain Medic) moved the line so it’s not under the sidewalk. They pulled out a big gob of tree roots, but now – at least to the curb – I have PVC and the roots can’t go through it."

Thanks to HomeServe, Dana no longer listens to the dreaded gurgle.

"I have no problems with HomeServe," Dana said. They’ve done all that they said they would do.

"As far as the company is concerned, what you get for it and the price, it’s true blue. I’d rate the company five stars, and I’ve recommended it whenever new people move into the neighborhood."

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