Electric Repair Made Quicker, Easier With HomeServe Policy

Ronald S. of Brockton, Mass., had spent three years struggling with a less-than-satisfactory experience with his home warranty company. He’d paid for the contract upfront and felt trapped.

So, once the contract expired, he was ready to look anywhere else. Although his earlier experience had left a bitter taste in his mouth, he still saw the value in having an emergency home repair plan – if he could find the right company.

"I recommend that every homeowner sign up with HomeServe," he said. "In 25 years, I’ve had several different home warranty services, and I’ve never seen such excellence as I’ve received from HomeServe. I had an electrical problem, and, within 48 hours, it was fixed. No other company can do that, so I went back to the website and signed up for all the services. I believe that HomeServe has a lot of pride in their work, and they have exceptionally reliable contractors."

This was in stark contrast to the home warranty company he had dealt with before.

Electric Repair Made Quicker, Easier With HomeServe Policy

Ronald explained about that other company, "The only thing I got out of them in three years was my dryer was not heating up, and they sent someone out to replace a part in my dryer. It works great now, but that was the only claim that I had that was successful. Often, I would get no call, no show, or email me that the appointment was for a date that had already passed. I don’t know how they stay in business. I got no help from them. I needed my old air conditioner fixed, and they couldn’t find anyone. They told me to get my own contractor to fix it, then to do this complicated paperwork to get reimbursed. By the end, I had given up on them."

After enrolling in HomeServe’s interior electric repair plan, Ronald called into HomeServe’s operations center with a problem in his bathroom and an adjacent bedroom.

"They alerted me by email the name and phone number of the contractor, and he called me three hours later," Ronald said. "He made an appointment and came out the next day, but he needed to come back the following day, because he needed a second electrician to work with him pulling wire from downstairs to upstairs, and that was approved right away. Within 48 hours, my issue was fixed. It was incredible. I was impressed with the way HomeServe handled the claim."

The repair cost more than $1,400, but he didn’t have to pay a dime. Ronald was especially impressed with the HomeServe network contractor dispatched to his home, Harrington Electric, HVAC and Plumbing.

"His dedication is unbelievable," Ronald said. "I would have paid him out of pocket. I felt like he saw my problem and made it his problem. He was the type of person that I felt I knew him my whole life. He’s a nice guy and if I ever have another problem, I want to hire him."

HomeServe’s service has renewed Ronald’s faith in the value of a home warranty.

"I know I’m in good hands,"

he said. "I feel safe with HomeServe."

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