El Paso Water’s ‘Leak Protection Program’ set to begin March 1

By Samuel Harasimowicz
Published February 15, 2023

EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- El Paso Water is beginning a new program called the 'ServLine® Water Leak Protection Program.'

The cost will be $0.98 for residential customers per month and $1.42 for non-residential single occupancy customers per month.

El Paso water says the program "will help EP Water customers with high water bills that result from qualifying leaks," according to their website.

El Paso Water’s ‘Leak Protection Program’ set to begin March 1

According to El Paso Water, to be an eligible customer, you must:

  • Be an El Paso Water account holder.
  • Have a qualifying leak.
  • Have a leak, such as behind a wall, underground, or under the foundation.
  • Be able to provide details of the repair and show reduced consumption in a subsequent month after the leak occurred.

Customers are automatically enrolled and can request to opt-out by calling 915-273-3999, or they can fill out an opt-out form, which can be found at the company's website.


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