Woman Spared Panic Thanks To Her HomeServe Gas Line Plan

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When Lynda T. of Tyler, Texas was admitted to the hospital for a brief period of time in July 2022, her daughter made sure to check up on the house while she was gone. All was well until one day when Lynda’s daughter stopped by – she walked in and immediately recognized the smell of gas on the first floor. After calling an emergency plumber in, it was determined that there was no gas going to the appliances along with a possible leak near the water heater connection The gas was promptly shut off, and Lynda’s daughter awaited her mother’s imminent discharge for any next steps.

Once Lynda returned home shortly after and heard the news, she realized that a few years prior, she signed up for a service plan for her gas line with HomeServe through her utility provider, CenterPoint Energy.

After giving us a call, we promptly sent out American Plumbing, a local and reliable member of our contractor network, to assess the situation. The technician discovered that in addition to the leak near the water heater, the exterior gas line from the meter was compromised in multiple places – and it would have to be completely replaced.

Typically, an expense like that would cause a great deal of stress to anybody, especially a senior like Lynda who is on a fixed income. But she was spared the panic thanks to her HomeServe service plan.

“When I heard about the problem after getting home, I realized it’s exactly a scenario I imagined HomeServe would help me with when I first enrolled,” said Lynda. “It only took a few years to come true – but now that it has, I couldn’t be more grateful for the offering in my community.”

Lynda was especially grateful for her smart thinking when she learned that the total replacement of her gas line saved her over $5,500. With the Gas Line Plus plan from HomeServe costing less than $4.00 per month through CenterPoint Energy in the city of Tyler, it’s safe to say the investment has paid off.

“When I heard about the problem after getting home, I realized it’s exactly a scenario I imagined HomeServe would help me with when I first enrolled.”

“I truly couldn’t have asked for a better experience, both with the contractor who completed the job, American Plumbing, and HomeServe,” Lynda said. “The plumber replaced the entire line in just two days, made no mess and kept me in the loop for the duration of the repair. This is the type of service you’d want to have – I couldn’t have asked for a better experience overall.”

She first learned about HomeServe and our offerings through CenterPoint Energy after receiving a branded flyer in the mail. Now that it has paid off for her, Lynda hopes to pay it forward by recommending the program to her close family and friends that own homes.

“I am so thankful to HomeServe for doing what you say you do,” said Lynda. “As a homeowner, you never anticipate this type of thing happening to you, but you never know. My advice to anybody would be, for such a low price, why not?

Published Aug 25, 2022

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