How to Recharge a Ring Doorbell

by Lauren Leazenby
Close up shot of a 1st generation Ring video doorbell on a residential home

Manufacturer supplied image

According to smart home security brand Ring, the battery on your video doorbell can withstand months of regular use before it needs a charge. That means you’ll only have to throw it on the charger a handful of times each year. The drawback to that, of course, is that a few months between charges is just long enough to forget exactly what to do each time.

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No worries — we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to recharge your Ring Video Doorbell, whether your model has a removable battery or an internal one.

Close up shot of a 2nd generation Ring video doorbell on a residential home

Manufacturer supplied image

If Your Ring Doorbell Has a Removable Battery

The latest model — the Ring Video Doorbell 2 — has a removable battery. Here’s how to charge it:

1. Find the Charging Cable

You’ll get an email or an alert from the Ring app when it’s time to charge your doorbell. The first thing you need to do is find the cable. The one that came in the box is bright orange — but if it’s lost to the darkest recesses of your junk drawer, any micro-USB cable will do.

A second generation Ring video doorbell with a specialty tool being used to remove the battery

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2. Remove the Battery

Remove the security screw on the bottom of the faceplate, then take the faceplate off by lifting it up and toward you. Next, release the battery by pressing the tab and sliding it out.

3. Charge!

Take the battery inside to charge. Plug the micro-USB cable into a USB port or wall outlet. Both the red and green indicator lights will turn on. The battery is fully charged when the red light turns off and the green one stays on. According to Ring, that can take anywhere from five to 10 hours, depending on the power source you used.

4. Reinstall the Battery

Put the battery back in. It’ll click when it’s secure. Then, wait 30 seconds for the doorbell to power back on. Replace the faceplate and screw it back in.

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If Your Ring Doorbell Has an Internal Battery

The 1st Generation Ring Video Doorbell has an internal battery. If you purchased your doorbell before 2020, this is likely the model you have. The steps to charge are as follows:

1. Don’t Wait to Charge

When you get an alert from the Ring app that it’s time to charge your battery, you’re going to want to charge it as soon as you can. Ring says that if you let your battery go dead, you may have to go through the whole setup process again.

2. Remove the Doorbell

You’ll have to take the whole doorbell inside to charge because the battery is part of the unit. To remove it from the mounting bracket, loosen (don’t completely unscrew) the two security screws on the bottom of the unit. Then, slide it off.

3. Plug It In

Plug the orange cable (or any other micro-USB cable) into the back of the doorbell, then plug the other end into the wall or your laptop’s USB port. It’ll take between five and 10 hours for the battery to charge fully. The round light around the doorbell button will show you the battery’s level of charge. Once the whole circle turns blue, it’s done.

4. Reattach and Restart

Put the doorbell back on the mounting bracket and screw it in place. Check the battery level in the app. If it doesn’t update right away, ring the doorbell a few times so it can sync.


If you find that your battery didn’t charge as intended, or that it drains of power quickly, try the following solutions.

Battery Didn’t Charge

If you were charging it outside, the weather might be to blame. According to Ring, the battery contains software that prevents it from charging if the surrounding temperature is too hot or too cold. While it is an inconvenience, this actually protects the battery from damage. Let the battery come to room temp before you plug it in.

Battery Drains Quickly

Again: Check the weather. If it’s been below 40 degrees lately, the batteries may have a harder time holding a charge. Your battery will also drain faster if the unit gets a lot more use than usual. To extend your battery’s life, Ring recommends changing your motion detection settings to be less sensitive.

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