How to Find a Serial Number on a Panasonic TV

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Many of us never give our TV's model number or serial number a second thought … until we need it to do something like claim repairs under warranty or report it stolen.

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Ideally, you should write your Panasonic TV’s serial number down somewhere safe immediately after buying your TV — but don't panic if you forgot. We’ve got you covered.

Why Might You Need to Know Your Panasonic TV's Serial Number?

You'll need to know your Panasonic TV's serial number if you want it repaired under warranty. A repair technician can use the serial number to determine if your warranty is still active and view your TV's repair history. The number can also tell the technician what parts the television requires for the repair.

You may also need to provide your Panasonic serial number if you need to report the theft of your TV to the police. You likely won't be able to claim your loss through your insurance policy without a police report containing the TV's serial number. The police may be able to track your TV down using the serial number if someone connects it to the internet.

You may also need your serial number if you are purchasing a third-party warranty or insurance plan, or if you want to register the product with the manufacturer.

How to Find the Serial Number on a Panasonic TV

Find the Sticker

You can find your Panasonic TV's serial number on a sticker attached to the box it came in. There will probably also be a serial number sticker attached to the back, side or bottom of the television and under the panel strip.

Look Through the TV Documents

Alternatively, check your TV’s warranty or registration document. These documents often contain the TV's serial and model number.

Contact Panasonic

If you don't have your Panasonic TV on hand, you could try contacting the Panasonic support center to ask if it has your TV's serial number on file.

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