How Much Value Does a Bathroom Add to Your Home?

by Team HomeServe
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There’s just nothing worse than having to wait for the bathroom in your own house. If there aren’t enough bathrooms to go around in your home, you probably know the feeling. Adding a bathroom can increase home value and decrease family arguments that ensue when your teenager holds the only restroom hostage while they get ready in the morning.

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So, how much does a bathroom remodel or addition cost? When remodeling an existing bathroom, the total cost depends on existing fixtures and fittings and the luxury rating of the finished product. When transforming an existing room into a bathroom, the total cost depends on how much plumbing and electrical work is involved, the cost of materials and the labor involved for custom work such as tile.

How Much Does a Bathroom Add to Your Home’s Value?

Those in the market to buy a home notice bathrooms. The more and the higher the quality, the better.

Bathroom remodels vary in price depending on the amount of electrical and plumbing work required and the age of the home. A basic bathroom remodeling project, which entails adding a backsplash and changing fixtures, starts from around $2,500 (CAD 3,400), according to data from HomeGuide.

Today's Homeowner reports that the average midrange bathroom remodel cost is almost $15,750 (CAD 21,450). About 60.4% of that cost can be recouped by the homeowner when the home is sold. So how much return can a homeowner expect from an upscale bathroom remodel? The average cost of an upscale remodel is around $29,200 (CAD 39,685), and around 48.8% is realized in the home's resale value.

Just want to add an extra toilet? Building a half-bath can increase the value of an average home by 5% to 10%, according to Badeloft.

Updating an Existing Bathroom

When remodeling an existing bathroom, it's important to consider factors such as the condition of current plumbing, fixtures, electrical components and the layout of the room. Choosing to remodel an existing shower is a great way to add luxury without tackling the cost of a full remodel and taking on such a large project. According to Architectural Digest, the average total cost for a shower remodel is $4,000 to $12,000 (CAD 5,450 to CAD 16,350), with the final cost depending on the size and features of the finished product. On the low end, prefabricated shower kits start from around $500 (CAD 680).

Installing a shower may be a great way to make use of existing space. Expect a walk-in shower to cost anywhere from $8,500 to $20,000 (CAD 11,585 to CAD 27,250). Bathtub-to-shower conversions range from $1,100 to $7,000 (CAD 1,500 to CAD 9,540). Walk-in showers can be more expensive due to the tile installation, which can range from $1 to $25 (CAD 1.35 to CAD 35) per square foot. Adding a showerhead costs anywhere from $81 to $218 (CAD 110 to CAD 297), and a shower door will add another $400 to $1,900 (CAD 545 to CAD 2,590).

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are the most expensive bathroom upgrades due to the tile required and the labor involved. Because wet rooms are designed for everything to get wet, extra waterproofing also adds to the cost.

However, there are many positives associated with wet rooms. They are easy to clean, excellent for small spaces, easily accessible for those with mobility issues and improve resale value. Expect to see a higher return on your investment when selling a home with a wet room. Converting a regular bathroom to a wet room costs $10,000 to $20,000 (CAD 13,600 to CAD 27,250) on average and can realize an investment return of 56% to 70%, according to Fixr.

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Personal Return on Investment

For those planning to remain in their home for many years, the personal enjoyment of a bathroom improvement may mean more than the financial return.

A master suite with a luxurious bathroom may appeal to you, especially if you spend a lot of time there. Relaxation is priceless. A master bath with a large soaking tub can relieve mountains of stress. The waterfall head in a tile walk-in shower may appeal to those with a love of the outdoors.

Whatever your style, you must determine if the end investment is worth the upfront cost. Considering improvements that best suit your lifestyle is an excellent place to begin when considering a remodel or addition.

Homeowners who don't plan to live in their homes long-term or those who don't think they'd take advantage of extra amenities may want to take a closer look at cost. The investment may not be worth it to them from a financial standpoint.

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