How Much Do Solar-Powered Outdoor Lights Costs?

by Team HomeServe
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Adding lighting can make a massive difference to your outdoor living space and even increase your home's value, but the cost of purchasing and installing outdoor lights can be high. Solar lights are a good alternative for many homeowners who want the convenience and security of outdoor lighting without the hefty price tag.

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So, how much do solar-powered outdoor lights cost? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Solar Outdoor Lights and How Do They Work?

Solar outdoor lights come with a solar panel that absorbs energy from natural sunlight and converts it into electricity. It stores the energy in an integrated battery and uses it to power the light when you switch it on. Therefore, you don't need wiring or an electrical supply to install solar-powered outdoor lights in your backyard.

You have several options available when you're considering purchasing outdoor solar lights. One of the most popular options is solar lawn or pathway lights. These lights feature a decorative lamp on a stake that you drive into the ground along your pathway, in your lawn or into flowerbeds. They usually come in multipacks so that you can space multiple lights across a wider area.

Alternatively, you could opt for solar string or Christmas lights. These lights are a good option if you like to decorate your house or backyard during the festive season but find yourself balking at the impact on your electrical bill. However, solar string lights aren't just for Christmas. Hanging string lights along a fence, pergola or gazebo can provide much-needed illumination and create a romantic aesthetic.

Finally, you could consider installing solar floodlights. These lights are more powerful and are suitable for illuminating a larger area. You can get solar floodlights with timers or motion sensors to act as a security deterrent.

An important factor to consider when choosing between wired or solar outdoor lights is the amount of sunlight your backyard gets throughout the year. While solar lights are a great option in areas that are sunny year-round, they may not draw enough power to function properly if you have very little sunlight in the winter. It's also essential to place solar lights in sunny areas and avoid shaded locations.

Another area where solar outdoor lights significantly vary from regular outdoor lights is purchase and installation costs.

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How Much Do Solar Outdoor Lights Cost?

Solar lawn lights and string lights are generally the cheapest outdoor solar lighting options because they don't cost anything to install. You can purchase this type of light in most DIY stores and online.

The cost of lawn lights varies depending on brand and quality, with prices starting from around $18 (CAD 24) per fixture at Houzz. You can buy strings of solar lights for between $15 and $100 (CAD 20 and CAD 133).

Solar floodlights are usually more expensive because they are more powerful and require a larger solar panel to draw energy. Prices vary, but you should be able to purchase a decent quality, reliable solar floodlight for between $100 and $500 (CAD 133 and CAD 663), based on data from Inch Calculator. If you want a model with an integrated timer or motion sensor, this will likely increase the overall cost by $25 to $50 (CAD 33 to CAD 66). Solar lights don't require wiring, so you can install the floodlight yourself if you have basic DIY skills.

Do Solar Lights Save Money?

Outdoor solar lights can save you significant money on your electrical bill because they draw power from natural sunlight. How much money you save depends on how much you use your outdoor lights and how energy-efficient the lights are that you're replacing. Solar lighting systems are also exceptionally cheap to maintain.

Another area where solar lights can help save money is installation costs. According to Lawn Love, electricians usually charge between $45 and $100 (CAD 60 and CAD 133) per hour to install regular outdoor lighting, but many charge a flat fee per light. As you can usually install solar lights yourself, you can save yourself a significant amount of money on electrician's fees.