Should You Repair or Replace a Screen Door? Repair Vs. Replacement Costs

by Team HomeServe
Damaged screen door

Have you ever had trouble opening a screen door that's stuck or — even worse — noticed there are tears in the mesh? When your entryway is compromised, you'll have to decide whether to repair or replace it.

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The right choice for you depends on what’s broken and how easily it can be repaired, among other things. Armed with a bit of background knowledge, you can compare screen door repair and replacement costs and (hopefully) save some money. Here's what you can expect to pay, whether you decide to repair or replace.

Damaged Screen Repair Cost

If your screen door's mesh screen is damaged, the repair is likely fairly simple. If you're willing to do it yourself, you can patch a hole or replace the screen for around $35 (CAD 47), according to Family Handyman. All you need is a patch or new screen, the sealing spline, some pliers and a spline tool. It makes for a relatively easy home improvement project, which will save you some money on labor costs.

If you'd like an expert to repair the mesh instead, it's still a relatively cheap service. It often costs less to repair the screen than what a new door might run — between $50 and $175 (CAD 67 and CAD 234), according to HomeGuide. The average cost to install new screens can be even lower if you have several screens repaired at once. You can have a repair service fix old and beat-up window screens at the same time as they repair your door and get even more bang for your buck.

Screen door frames can present simple or complicated issues when they're in need of repair. If the problem is with the door sticking when you try to open it, the repair might be as simple as adjusting some rollers with a putty knife. If the frame itself appears to be significantly damaged, repairs might be much more costly and time-consuming.

If there's serious damage to the door frame, latching mechanism or hinges, a professional's time might be worth it. However, these more complicated problems do often mean more expensive repairs. While you might want your screen door fixed as fast as possible, it may be more cost-effective to replace the door if the existing frame is badly damaged.

Screen Door Replacement Cost

A new screen door can run anywhere from $225 to $580 (CAD 301 to CAD 776) or more, says Family Handyman. Of course, these varying prices imply a variation in quality as well. You'll want to consider the door's purpose when looking at replacement door prices. If this is a patio door that isn't visible from the street, you might be able to get away with the inexpensive option. But for higher-quality doors, you might be looking at the upper end of that price spectrum.

Paying a professional for screen door installation can add additional costs on top of that. Still, if you're using the door as your main entryway, it might be worthwhile to make sure the installation is done right. When getting an estimate, be sure to specify if the door should have a retractable screen door or any other specific features. If you do, the estimate will likely be more accurate.

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Other Factors to Consider

Maybe the price isn’t the only important factor for your project. For example, repairing a screen yourself might be the least expensive option, but a professional will make sure your door looks as good as new. You might also want to think about the durability of your door; even if one repair is fairly cheap, the future repairs a poorly made door will need could add up. A replacement screen door can dramatically change how your house looks from the street. Getting the right door is a great opportunity to reinvent your home for everyone to see.

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