How Much Do Samsung Smart Microwaves Cost?

by Team HomeServe
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If it's time to replace your old microwave, you may be wondering whether it's worth investing in a smart microwave. Samsung is one of the most established manufacturers of smart appliances and produces a range of smart microwaves with Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Curious how much Samsung smart microwaves cost? Here’s a cost breakdown, plus how they compare to regular models.

How Much Do Samsung Smart Microwaves Cost?

Samsung smart microwaves cost between $349 and $599. The most affordable Samsung smart microwave includes Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and cooking sensors, and the most expensive comes with a few extra features for more flexible use.

All smart Samsung microwaves include free delivery, and Samsung will cover the cost of returns if you change your mind within 15 days. The company will also install your new microwave over your range for a flat fee of $139.99 and remove your old microwave for $15.

How Does a Samsung Smart Microwave Compare to a Regular Microwave?

The most significant area where Samsung smart microwaves differ from a regular Samsung microwave is price. Samsung microwaves without Wi-Fi connectivity range from $199 to $469 and otherwise have broadly similar features, including easy-to-clean interiors.

Therefore, you're paying a premium for having integrated Wi-Fi in your microwave. However, this feature allows you to control your microwave remotely using the SmartThings app on your smartphone. This means that you can start and stop the microwave and alter the temperature and cooking time from anywhere.

Several Samsung smart microwaves feature power convection technology that circulates hot air evenly via a top vent. This promotes more even heating and could make the cooking process up to 30% quicker, according to the manufacturer. Some models also contain a sensor that detects the moisture in your food and automatically adjusts the settings to achieve the best possible results.

A few options also feature a built-in air fryer, which means you won't need to find space for a separate appliance on your countertop. It’s worth mentioning that several regular Samsung microwaves also have these features, so it's important to weigh how important Wi-Fi connectivity is for you before investing in a smart microwave.

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How Long Do Smart Microwaves Last?

Most microwaves last between 9 and 10 years, according to Digital Trends, and there isn't much you can do to extend their lifespans other than keeping them clean. However, some experts are concerned that manufacturers could decide to stop releasing software updates for their smart appliances, leaving your private information vulnerable to hackers.

If the manufacturer stops releasing updates, you could also find yourself in a position where the smart features on your microwave become useless. You'll still be able to use it as a microwave, but you won't be able to control it remotely from a smartphone. It's worth keeping this possibility in mind before you decide to pay the premium attached to most smart appliances.

Samsung has released a statement saying that the company will continue to release security updates for the entire warranty length of its smart devices and beyond for the essential security measures.