How Much Does It Cost to Repair or Replace a Water Service Line in Maryland?

by Lauren Leazenby
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Your water service line lies beneath your front yard, and because it’s buried, it’s pretty easy to forget about. But listen here: If something goes wrong with that underground pipe, you’re not gonna be going “downy oshun” this weekend. Instead, all the water’s coming to you. So, what’s the move if your cracked water line is leaking? Call a repair tech. And while we can’t speak to your particular situation, we can say that Marylanders generally pay less for water service line repairs and replacements than the average American.

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Your exterior water service line carries water from the public water main into your home. But make no mistake: Once the pipes run under your property, they’re your responsibility — so you’re likely on the hook for any repair or replacement costs.

How deep your pipes are buried deeply impacts the price you pay for these services. Water service lines are buried as deep as local building codes require — but usually, the depth is determined by the frost line in your area. And the deeper the technician must dig to get to your broken or otherwise compromised line, the higher the cost.

graphic visualization showing a cut-away of a home exposing its rooms and home systems specifically focused on the water service line

The nationwide average water service line depth is 4.58 feet. In Maryland, these lines are buried a bit deeper, at 5.11 feet on average. For context, in f-f-f-freezing Minnesota, pipe depth is more than 8 feet.

Repair and replacement costs also vary depending on where you live. The national average for diagnosis is $222, for repair is $1,039 and for replacement is $3,581.

Below, you’ll find average service prices based on aggregated HomeServe data reported by our network of contractors across the Free State, which should give you an approximation of how much you’ll pay to fix your out-of-commission water service line.

Water Service Line Diagnosis: $112

Before any work can begin, the technician will need to come out and run some tests to see what’s wrong with your system. In Maryland, this fee is around half the national average price.

Water Service Line Repair: $1,020

A whole host of things can cause trouble with your exterior water service line — from invading tree roots to clogs to general wear and tear. Whatever’s up with your system, the repair process will likely start with excavation to expose the pipe. Depending on your situation, the technician may need to clear a blockage, find a leak or fix the pipe — and, of course, fill the hole back in.

Maryland’s average repair price is about 2% lower than the nation’s.

Water Service Line Replace: $2,974

Small sections of leaky or broken pipe can be repaired, but massive clogs or fully compromised pipes might necessitate a full replacement. Water service line replacements cost Marylanders about 17% less than the average American.

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