How Much Does It Cost to Install a Japanese Toilet?

by Team HomeServe
japanese toilet with open lid

Japanese toilets are also known as washlets. They're similar to bidets in that they use a jet of water to clean your nether regions, but many high-tech Japanese toilets have even more features, such as heated seats, dryers, deodorizers and more. Often, you can find this functionality in a toilet seat you can fix over your existing toilet.

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But are they priced to make them worth trying?

What’s So Special About Japanese Toilets?

A Japanese toilet is an eco-friendly option for people who want to save money and reduce toilet paper waste. The simplest form of Japanese toilet seat is one with a bidet that sprays water when you push a button that's positioned near the toilet or attached to the seat itself.

Fancier Japanese toilets may have futuristic features such as a motion sensor that lifts the toilet seat when you enter the room, a dryer to make toilet paper completely obsolete or heating for extra comfort on cold days. Some even have a button that lets you spray a bit of deodorizer into the bathroom.

One Japanese company has made a "wellness toilet" that offers a variety of health checks. When the user sits on the toilet seat, it will check their heart rate and blood pressure. The toilet bowl takes samples of urine and stools and analyzes them to check for common health issues, too.

Even if you're not ready to make the leap to having your toilet join the Internet of Things, a more traditional bidet or Japanese toilet can offer a lot of benefits, saving you time, cutting down on the amount of toilet paper you use and leaving you feeling clean and fresh.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Japanese Toilet Seat?

The cost to install a Japanese bidet toilet seat depends on whether you're opting for a DIY installation of a simple spray bidet that sits on top of your existing toilet bowl or a more sophisticated and authentic Japanese bidet experience.

A Japanese toilet seat costs between $400 and $500 (CAD 535 and CAD 670), according to House Digest. You'll need to have the seat connected to the toilet and wired up to your home's electrical system, for which you can expect to pay an additional $500.  This is a slightly more complex job than installing a standard toilet seat, but you can add a washlet bidet seat without needing to replace your existing fixtures.

Portable or handheld bidets cost far less than a full Japanese toilet or even a toilet seat add-on, and DIY installation of portable bidets is generally easier, too. However, some people find them more awkward or even slightly messy to use since they require manual aiming. With a toilet seat bidet or a full Japanese toilet, the spray nozzle is in a fixed position, and there's no aiming to worry about.

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How Much Is a Japanese Smart Toilet?

Japanese smart toilets cost far more than seat attachments. These toilets start at around $400 to $500 (CAD 535 and CAD 670), but you could spend significantly more if you want extra features like lighting, adjustable temperature and multiple streams. Some of Toto's most luxurious options cost as much as $19,000 (CAD 25,500). Fitting one of these would mean removing your existing toilet and plumbing in the new device.

If you're considering having a new toilet installed and have room in your budget for such luxurious items, a Japanese smart toilet will offer you a chance to feel clean and fresh every time you go to the bathroom. It could make your home more appealing to prospective buyers, too, if they're the type to appreciate life's little luxuries.

How Much Does a Plumber Charge to Install a Bidet?

Installation costs depend on whether you're getting a Japanese toilet seat-style bidet or a separate bidet that requires plumbing into your cold-water system and having an electrical outlet installed in the bathroom.

According to data from Fixr, you can expect to pay around $1,000 (CAD 1,300) to have a plumber install a washlet bidet. This figure includes the cost of the bidet itself, plus around $500 (CAD 670) in labor costs. The exact cost will depend on the cost of living in your area and how much work the plumber needs to do.

All CAD conversions are based on the exchange rate on the date of publication.