How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Hose Bibb or Outdoor Faucet?

by Team HomeServe
an outside house bib or faucet mounted to a home s brick exterior shown slowly leaking

A leaky faucet in your backyard may not be as troublesome as a leaky faucet on an indoor sink, but constant water dripping anywhere can cause a problem. If your outdoor spigot is damaged, you may not be able to hook up a hose to get water to your garden or other areas of your yard as needed.

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Whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, here’s what it’ll cost to fix your hose bibb.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Hose Bibb?

The cost of hose bibb replacement depends on what type you want and whether you’re going to do the job yourself. Simply replacing the hose bibb for a newer model is a relatively easy DIY job. But, if your outdoor water line or copper pipes need replacing, you may be looking at additional expenses.

According to Lawn Love, the hose bibb itself costs around $10 (CAD 14) for a basic, residential model. You might pay more — up to $40 (CAD 55) — if you need a hydrant or other specialty spigot with unique features, such as backflow prevention.

Other materials include hose bibb adapters, which start from around $9 (CAD 12), and plumber’s putty or tape, which starts from around $6.50 (CAD 9).

To do a basic hose bibb replacement yourself, the total cost will be between $25 and $55 (CAD 35 and CAD 75), depending on the type of bibb you install.

For a professional installation, you’ll also need to pay labor costs. Assuming there’s no pipe damage, installing a new hose bibb costs $165 to $275 (CAD 225 to CAD 380) on average.

Types of Hose Bibbs

Here’s a breakdown of the most common types of hose bibbs:

Standard Hose Bibb

You must winterize standard hose bibbs each year to prevent damage. They cost about $5 (CAD 7).

Frost-Free Hose Bibb

To save yourself the winter maintenance, you can install a frost-free bibb. They typically start at around $18 (CAD 24).

Round Plastic Hose Bibb

These are better suited for indoor use. They cost around $4 (CAD 5.50).

Loose-Key Hose Bibb

Loose-key bibbs let you remove the “key” that operates the spigot so you can control who can access the water supply. They cost about $12 to $32 (CAD 16 to CAD 45).

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Other Factors to Consider

If you’ll need to run new pipe, repair outdoor sinks or install a yard hydrant, the project will cost a lot more. If the hose bibb installation is new, for example, plumbers may have to dig trenches to bury pipes, connect pipes to existing plumbing and install the entire structure for the faucet. Expect to pay between $1,500 and $12,000 (CAD 2,050 to CAD 16,500).

Here are some other factors that may impact cost:

  • Whether the plumbing exists for the spigot
  • Whether the plumbing is in good repair or needs work
  • How far from the home the spigot will be, and how much pipe must be run

How Long Does a Hose Bibb Last?

Most hose bibbs are designed to last for many years. Stainless steel or brass bibbs resist corrosion. In some cases, you can get decades of use out of an outdoor spigot that is maintained properly.

Signs You Need a New Hose Bibb

If you see any of these signs near your hose bibb, it could be time to replace it:

  • Dripping water or a puddle beneath the spigot
  • Water leaking down the spigot, wall or pipe
  • Rust or buildup
  • Damage to any components, such as a cracked handle
  • Odd sounds when you run water through it, such as squealing or clanking

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