How Much Does It Cost to Install a Home Intercom System?

by Hannah Stephens
White home intercom system against white exterior siding

“Who goes there!?” Knowing the identity of anyone entering your home is essential for home security, but establishing who the stranger at your door is (and why they're there) can be challenging.

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Instead of yelling through the door, consider installing a home intercom system. These handy home security systems are common in apartments but can also be a worthwhile investment for security-savvy house owners.

What Is a Home Intercom System?

Home intercom systems allow you to communicate with someone at your front door from inside your home. Therefore, you can establish the identity of visitors before letting them inside, making your home more secure. Basic intercom systems include two-way audio, while more advanced models provide a video feed to allow you to see visitors.

Some intercom systems are wireless, which means they use Wi-Fi to link the outside and inside units. These systems are usually easier to install, but you'll need a strong Wi-Fi signal or an ethernet cable to ensure a decent connection.

If you choose a wired home intercom system, you'll need to install new wiring to connect the interior and exterior stations. These systems require professional installation by a licensed electrician and can be more reliable than wireless systems. Some wired systems enable you to open your door or gate remotely to allow access to your property.

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How Much Does a Home Intercom System Cost?

The cost of a home intercom system varies widely depending on your home's layout and the system's make and model. Most homeowners spend between $2,085 and $2,478 (CAD 2,828 and CAD 3,361) in total to install a home intercom system. These figures include the cost of the system itself, installation labor and other supplies required to complete the job.

Your project could cost significantly less if you install a wireless home intercom system yourself. Home intercom systems typically cost between $186 and $229 (CAD 252 and CAD 311) for the hardware, excluding labor. Expect to pay an additional $706 to $804 (CAD 957 to CAD 1,090) on job supplies, such as mounting hardware, fittings and connectors.

Labor accounts for a significant portion of the cost of a home intercom system. Installing a wired system typically takes around ten hours, and most professionals charge between $1,193 and $1,446 (CAD 1,618 and CAD 1,961). This includes the cost of mounting the units, installing new wiring and connecting the intercom. You could pay less if you have a professional install a wireless system because they're typically quicker to set up.

Labor rates for installing an intercom system are area-specific. Contractors will likely charge more than average in areas with a high cost of living, while labor is generally cheaper in affordable or rural areas.

All CAD conversions are based on the exchange rate on the date of publication.