How Much Does It Cost to Install Gutter Guards?

by Team HomeServe
Rain gutter system on roof of House

Tired of climbing a ladder to dig leaf sludge out of your gutters multiple times per year? Gutter guards can simplify gutter maintenance by cutting down on the debris that builds up in the gutters.

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Learning about gutter guard installation costs can help you plan for this home improvement project.

How Much Does Gutter Guard Installation Cost?

The gutter guard installation cost varies significantly based on the cover type and material, according to data from This Old House. The material and installation are typically priced per linear foot.

For example, perforated aluminum averages 50 cents to $1.50 (CAD 0.67 to CAD 2) per linear foot for materials. Add $2.50 to $3.75 (CAD 3.33 to CAD 5) per linear foot for installation labor for a total cost between $600 and $1,050 (CAD 800 and CAD 1,400) for the average house.

Steel screens are slightly more expensive at $1.50 to $3.50 (CAD 0.67 to CAD 5) per linear foot.

Gutter helmets, which are solid covers, are the most expensive. They usually range from $3.50 to $6.50 (CAD 5 to CAD 7) per linear foot plus $2.25 to $12 (CAD 3 to CAD 16) per linear foot for installation. Expect a total cost between $1,150 and $4,300 (CAD 1,535 and CAD 5,735).

What Factors Affect the Price?

Because gutter guard installation cost is based on linear feet, the total length of your gutters is the primary price factor. If you have a short run of gutters, you'll have a much lower cost than someone with long stretches of gutters.

The material and type of gutter guards you choose also impact the pricing. Plastic screens are typically the cheapest option, typically only costing around $200 (CAD 270) total. Solid hood-style gutters tend to be the most expensive option, costing thousands of dollars.

Here are additional factors that impact gutter guard cost:

Roof Features

Professional installation costs increase if your roof makes the job difficult. This can include roofs that are very high or steep. Lots of landscaping below the roofline can make access more difficult and increase installation costs.

Installation Type

Some gutter guards, such as plastic screen, foam and brush guards, are suitable for DIY installation. This eliminates costly professional installation. Most guard types cost between $2.50 and $3.75 (CAD 3.33 to CAD 5) per linear foot to have professionally installed. Custom guards, such as LeafGuard, often cost more because they're made to fit your gutters.

Gutter Width

Standard gutters are 5 inches wide, but some are only 4 inches, while others are 6 inches. Gutter guards of different widths can vary in cost since they're not standard.

The best option is to contact several local companies to get quotes. They can give you a custom quote based on the type of gutter guards you want and the features of your home.

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How Much Does LeafGuard Cost?

LeafGuard — a brand name — is usually one of the more expensive options when it comes to gutter guards. According to HomeGuide, LeafGuard gutter guards cost between about $9 and $33 (CAD 12 and CAD 44) per linear foot on average, or between about $12 and $36 (CAD 16 and CAD 48) with installation labor. However, the cost can vary significantly based on your unique situation, so getting a quote from the company or an authorized installer is your best option.

LeafGuard's higher price point is due to the design and installation process. It's always professionally installed, and it has no seams. The gutter guards are custom-made for your gutters and have a solid design with a lip that lets only water run into your gutters. LeafGuard also offers a no-clog warranty for the lifetime of the product.

Is It Worth It to Install Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards can go on existing or new gutters, so they're versatile. They can make it easier to clean your gutters by keeping the leaves out of the actual gutters. However, some debris can still get into the gutters and collect on the guards, so you'll still have to do some gutter maintenance.

The material can also determine if the guards are worth it. Strong materials, such as steel, typically hold up longer than plastic, which can easily break if something hits it. Consider the life you'll get out of the guards when deciding if they're worth it.