How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

by Team HomeServe
man cleaning out the gutters

Gutter Cleaning Costs at a Glance

  • Average total cost: $75-$250 (CAD 100-CAD 320)
  • Cost per linear foot: $0.65-1.45 (CAD 0.85-CAD 1.90)

When your gutters are clear, it’s smooth sailing. But if they become clogged with leaves and other debris, you can face a slew of problems ranging from ice buildup to foundation damage.

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Cleaning gutters is an important part of exterior home maintenance. This guide should help you figure out how much it’ll cost.

Average Gutter Cleaning Costs

According to HomeGuide, cleaning your gutters can cost between $75 and $250 (CAD 100 and CAD 320) for a one-story or two-story home, with the cost increasing for every additional story.

The cost of cleaning downspouts ranges from $50 to $100 (CAD 65 to CAD 130), according to data from Fixr.

Cost Per Linear Foot

The easiest and most accurate model for estimating how much it costs to clean your gutters is calculating the total length, in feet, of your gutters. Traditionally, many gutter-cleaning service providers charge between 65 and 95 cents (CAD 0.85 and CAD 1.25) per linear foot for single-story houses, and between 80 cents and $1.45 (CAD 1 and CAD 1.90) per linear foot for a two-story home.

Cost Factors

Several factors affect the cost, including the number of floors your home has, the length and condition of your gutters, any modifications you may have made to them, and any repairs that may be necessary alongside the cleaning job.

Gutter Length

When estimating how much you will pay for cleaning your gutters, consider both the length of your gutters and the total square footage of your home. When calculating the length, in feet, of your gutters, multiply it by 95 cents (CAD 1.25) for a single-story home and $1.45 (CAD 1.90) for a two-story home.

Otherwise, consider the total square footage of your home — excluding the areas with no gutters — and multiply the total square footage by 50 cents (CAD 0.65) for a single-story home and 90 cents (CAD 1.15) for a two-story home.

Of the two methods most useful for estimating gutter-cleaning costs — linear length and square footage — the square footage method is less accurate because some areas of the home, such as pool enclosures, decks and patios, may not have gutters.

Height of Your House

Height is among the main factors that influence the cost of cleaning your gutters. Cleaning gutters for a single-story home costs $75 to $150 (CAD 100 to CAD 195) on average, and $100 to $250 (CAD 130 to CAD 320) on average for a two-story home. Expect to pay between $140 and $350 (CAD 180 and CAD 450) for a three-story home.

If your home is more than two stories high, the cost of cleaning your gutters may include an extra $100 to $150 (CAD 130 to CAD 195) for the additional equipment required, such as extended ladders, as well as risk factors, including a steeper roof incline.

Seamed or Seamless Metal

The cost of cleaning seamed and seamless gutter metal is similar. The difference comes in the accompanying repairs that may be necessary. Repairing seamed gutters costs between $100 and $225 (CAD 130 and CAD 290) on average. The cost of repairing seamless gutters is slightly more, costing between $125 and $250 (CAD 160 and CAD 320) on average.

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Gutter Condition

The less frequently you clean your gutters, the higher the cost will be because dirt, debris and leaves build up in the gutters over time. Removing a heavy buildup will require more extensive work, which translates to a higher cost. For that reason, we recommend hiring a professional to clean your gutters each season — or being consistent about doing it yourself.

Additional Work

In addition to cleaning, your gutters may need some repair and maintenance work. For example, a cleaning professional may tighten fasteners for sagging gutters. They may also replace gutter guards and reseal some outlets. This additional work may involve the purchase of new parts in addition to a labor cost of between 85 cents and $1.20 (CAD 1.10 and CAD 1.55) per linear foot.

You can install gutter guards so that you don’t have to clean your gutters as frequently. On average, you may have to spend about $4 to $12 (CAD 5 to CAD 15) per linear foot on gutter guards.

Here, you may want to do your own personal cost-benefit analysis, weighing the price (materials and labor) of replacing gutter guards and the price of repairing gutters that don't have gutter guards.

Cleaning and Installation of Downspouts

The most expensive aspect of a gutter-cleaning job tends to be cleaning downspouts. On average, the price of unclogging your downspouts ranges between $50 and $100 per job. Depending on the materials you choose, the installation of downspouts costs around [$120 per unit](file:///Users/lleazenby/Downloads/Depending%20on%20the%20materials%20you%20choose,%20the%20installation%20of%20downspouts%20and%20gutter%20may%20cost%20$10%20to%20$20%20per%20installation.) on average.

Likewise, depending on the materials chosen, it may cost you $10 to $20 (CAD 13 to CAD 26) to install downspout extenders. This aspect of gutter cleaning is well worth the investment because it ensures that water drains into the yard rather than into the foundation of your home.

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

You should clean your gutters after every season — meaning at least three times every year. Naturally, much of the heavy cleaning work will be in the spring and fall, with summer cleaning usually involving only light work. Cleaning your gutters three times a year ensures they remain in good condition and saves you money in repairs.

When Should You Clean Gutters?

Clean your gutters in the last month of the fall season to make sure they’re ready for the buildup that occurs during the winter months. Doing so prevents the accumulation and subsequent freezing of dirt, debris and leaves. As a result, you prevent your draining system from becoming blocked during the spring.

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