How Much Do GE Smart Dishwashers Cost?

by Team HomeServe
A photo illustration shows the inner workings of a GE brand Profile smart dishwasher

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GE Smart Dishwasher Costs at a Glance

  • Models with optional Wi-Fi: $429-$1,199
  • Models with built-in Wi-Fi: $879-$1,599
  • GE Profile models: $999-$1,549
  • U+ Connect Module: $50

Dishwashers can make your life easier by reducing the time you spend in the kitchen for cleanup. They also help complete the look of your kitchen and, in some cases, integrate with your smart home network.

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Cost is often a big factor in deciding which model to choose. If you’re ready to expand the features of your smart home or simply feel it’s time for a dishwasher upgrade, a GE smart dishwasher can add energy efficiency and convenience.

How Much Does a GE Smart Dishwasher Cost?

Understanding the cost of a GE dishwasher can be helpful. Base models with optional Wi-Fi cost somewhere in the range of $429 to $1,199. Smart models with built-in Wi-Fi cost between $879 and $1,599.

A GE Profile dishwasher ranges in cost from $999 for low-end models to $1,549 for high-end options. There are 15 models in the Profile line, all with different available features. The standard features on all Profile models include a stainless-steel interior tub, a hard food disposer so dishes don’t require rinsing before washing and a decibel range of 39 to 47, which is super quiet.

GE Smart Dishwasher Models

GE Smart dishwashers are available in two main categories: those with built-in Wi-Fi and those with optional Wi-Fi.

Models with built-in Wi-Fi connect directly to your smart home network and communicate with the SmartHQ app without any additional equipment or setup. Dishwashers with optional Wi-Fi require a U+ Connect Module to connect to the SmartHQ app, which costs $50. However, these models are generally lower-cost to start with.

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Built-in Wi-Fi

Options with built-in Wi-Fi start at $879, but GE Profile models start at $1,199. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to check the status of your dishes, monitor dishwasher performance and reorder supplies directly from your smartphone.

They feature the UltraFresh system that introduces fresh air during the wash cycle to help reduce the likelihood of bacterial growth. They also include filters treated with Microban antimicrobial technologies that make dishes 99% cleaner than standard dishwashers.

Mid-range models include a sanitize cycle and a twin-turbo dry boost that reduces drying times, and the high-end models that start at $1,449 have a larger capacity and a built-in third rack that lets you wash more dishes in fewer loads.

Optional Wi-Fi

Base GE dishwashers with optional Wi-Fi start at $429. Starting at $999, however, they have features including a three-level wash system to ensure dishes are clean, and an autosense cycle that uses light to adjust to the ideal cycle time. Higher-end models cost around $1,199 and include options like “Steam and Sani,” which loosens baked-on food before the wash cycle begins, and deep-clean silverware jets to help remove stuck-on food.

What’s the Cost Difference Between Regular and Smart Dishwashers?

The average cost to replace or purchase a new dishwasher is between $500 for a base model and over $5,000 for a higher-end appliance. While you can find a Wi-Fi-optional model for less, smart dishwashers typically fall, price-wise, into the upper half of that range. If you're not interested in the smart home tech, you may be able to save money by going with a regular dishwasher.