How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garage-Door Opener?

by Team HomeServe
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How many days now have you had to use the emergency release mechanism to open your garage door instead of clicking the handy-dandy button? Probably too many. It’s such a hassle to get out of your car and physically lift the door every time you need to park. Perhaps you’ve gotten around it by parking in the driveway or on the street. Any way you slice it, a malfunctioning garage-door opener is a major source of frustration.

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Luckily, it’s not crazy expensive to have a new one installed. If you’re not up to doing the job yourself, read on to find out how much it’ll cost to have a professional do it.

Average Cost to Install a Garage-Door Opener

According to Forbes, garage-door openers typically cost between $150 and $500 (CAD 200 and CAD 670) for the unit itself, depending on how sophisticated the device is. Labor costs can vary depending on where you live. The average total cost to install a garage-door opener (including labor and the opener itself) is about $220 to $550 CAD 300 to CAD 740).

What Impacts Garage-Door Opener Installation Costs?

The exact costs of installation will depend on where you live, the type of garage door you have and whether you're replacing an existing garage-door opener or installing a brand-new one. Smart garage-door openers are much more expensive to have fitted than simple mechanical devices, for example. You'll also need to pay more in labor fees if you need to have extensive wiring work done.

The cost of installing a garage-door opener will also depend on the door’s style and the type of opening mechanism it has. Replacements are usually more expensive than repairs. Replacing or repairing an existing garage-door opener with a new motor or sensor system will usually cost less than installing an opener for a garage door that has never been equipped with such a device.

How Much Does The Home Depot Charge to Install a Garage-Door Opener?

The Home Depot's garage-door opener installation costs start at $97 (CAD 130) for a simple installation job. This fee includes installing a garage-door opener, removing the existing opener and taking away any waste materials. Paying for professional installation from a major supplier makes sense because you can be confident you'll get a job well done, using quality materials from trusted brands. Major brands such as The Home Depot and Lowe's are often able to offer better terms for their warranties than smaller suppliers, too.

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How Much Does Lowe's Charge to Install a Garage Door?

Lowe's charges between $199 and $599 (CAD 270 and CAD 800) to fit both a new garage door and the opener. This figure is for labor fees only; the door would cost extra. Fitting an opener to an existing door is less expensive than having a new door installed. It's best to get a quote for professional installation of a garage-door opener from your local Lowe's, as fees can change at any time.

Is It Difficult to Install a Garage-Door Opener?

Installing a simple garage-door opener is not difficult, but you can expect to pay more for an opener that includes sophisticated features such as automatic locking or a lot of moving parts. Most of the installation price is usually the cost of the opener itself, especially if you're investing in a modern Wi-Fi opener with a battery backup. If you want to program a smart garage-door opener, expect to pay a premium for that. Smart openers are easy to use and can improve the security of your garage.

Depending on the type of garage-door opener you choose, you can expect it to last for up to 15 years. Because it will be opening and closing a large and heavy garage door more than once a day, your opener will be faced with a lot of wear and tear, so it needs proactive maintenance to ensure this longevity.

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