How Much Does It Cost to Install Light Switch Dimmer?

by Team HomeServe
Electrician working in home installing dimmer switched in wall

Most lights only come with two settings: on and off. But depending on the weather, time of day or your mood, you may need something in between. Dimmer switches give you more control over your lights. Not only do they facilitate a comfortable, livable atmosphere, but they’re also highly convenient and may even save you money in the long term.

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Find out more about dimmer switches below, including how much they cost to install.

How Much Do Dimmer Switches Cost?

According to Remodeling Expense, basic dimmer switches cost between $15 and $25 (CAD 20 and CAD 34) on average, although some higher-end models can be more expensive. On top of this, installation costs can be between $65 and $150 (CAD 87 to CAD 201), depending on the service and your location.

Of course, it's possible to install or replace your switches on your own. However, unless you have significant electrical experience and feel fairly confident in your ability to wire a light switch, hiring an electrician is advisable. When it comes to installing switches, small mistakes can lead to unexpected failures and expensive repair bills.

Why Choose Dimmer Switches?

Many homeowners enjoy dimmer switches, and for good reason. Dimmer switches give users a rich gradient of control over their lighting. Homeowners can regulate their light depending on how bright the day is, what their mood is or what kind of atmosphere they'd like to develop. Even better, many dimmer switches can be remote-controlled. You can regulate the lighting in any given room with precision with your smartphone, for example, if you choose an app-controlled model.

A somewhat neglected but important benefit of dimmer switches is the potential long-term savings, both in electricity bills and replacement light bulbs. Dimming the lights proportionally decreases the amount of electricity your lights use. Depending on how often you dim them, the total energy consumption of your lights may be cut in half.

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Are Regular Switches More Affordable Than Dimmer Switches?

Dimmer switches do have a higher initial cost compared to standard ones. Additionally, they require compatible light bulbs that can also be a bit pricier than average. LED light bulbs are the most popular bulbs on the market, but it's important to buy bulbs that work with dimmer switches. You also have the option to purchase incandescent or halogen light bulbs, which are often compatible.

You should also consider long-term costs. While dimmer switches and the appropriate light bulbs can be pricier at first, they can save you money over time as they encourage energy conservation. If you expect to dim the lights often, you may find that dimmer switches can provide better results as well as long-term savings.

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