How Much Does It Cost to Build A Shed?

by Team HomeServe
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Building a shed in your backyard is a good way to create extra space for gardening tools or lawn equipment. A shed can also be turned into a playhouse for the kids. It can even be used as an outside bar with a refrigerator and portable sink.

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Some say a well-built shed that looks nice will increase the value of your property. Here are some important things to consider when evaluating the cost of building a shed.

Cost to Build a Shed by Type

To determine shed cost, you need to figure out the type of shed you want to build.

Storage Shed

This type of shed is used for storing things like garden tools, lawnmowers and weed-eaters. It can also serve as a workshop and a place to keep mechanic's tools and engine supplies. A simple storage shed costs as little as $275 (CAD 374), according to LawnLove, but most homeowners spend between $1,875 and $8,250 (CAD 2,547 and CAD 11,207) on materials and installation.

Garden Shed

This is a smaller shed, often not much bigger than a wardrobe cabinet with doors, where you can place your rakes, hoes and other smaller garden equipment. A garden shed costs from $100 to $1,000 (CAD 136 to CAD 1,358) to build.

She Shed or Man Cave

Sheds can be added to the backyard to give you extra room to get away from it all. These sheds typically have windows installed, and the inside is finished to personalize it and make it feel like home. LawnsStarter says the cost of building a shed with a hangout space usually runs between $1,767 and $9,567 (CAD 2,400 and CAD 12,996). However, you could spend as much as $30,000 (CAD 40,754) on an elaborate design with premium features.

Run-In Shed

When wind, rain or snow starts battering an area, farm and house animals need a place to go to get out of the elements. A run-in shed gives them the cover they need. Run-in shelters cost about $40 to $60 (CAD 54 to CAD 82) per square foot to construct, based on data from HomeGuide.

Cost Factors


You need to consider the height, length and width (together, the cubic footage) of the shed to determine how much it will cost to build. A small 4-foot by 6-foot prefab shed will cost around $240 to $720 (CAD 326 to CAD 978) to build, but a larger 12-foot by 16-foot one generally costs between $1,900 and $5,800 (CAD 2,581 and CAD 7,879).


What your shed is made of will determine the cost. A small, prefab vinyl unit starts at around $200 (CAD 272), but a metal shed will cost from $500 to $7,000 (CAD 679 to CAD 9,509). Wood sheds can be built for $3,000 to $15,000 (CAD 4,075 to CAD 20,377). Brick sheds, the most expensive to build, can cost between $2,500 and $30,000 (CAD 3,396 and CAD 40,754).


The style and purpose of a shed also affect the price. A garden shed for storing tools is less expensive than a shed intended to be an extra living space because you don’t need to finish the inside. Adding elements like windows will bump up the cost.


In many jurisdictions, you'll have to get a permit to construct a shed. The cost for permits can run as high as $100 (CAD 136) or more.

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DIY Shed Costs

Building a shed yourself is an ideal way to save money — provided you know what you're doing. For most home DIYers, the easiest way to build the shed is by purchasing a kit. Kits average $1,500 to $4,000 (CAD 2,038 to CAD 5,434) and come with everything you need for the actual construction of the shed.

If you need to install a concrete pad to rest the shed on (this is required in some areas), this can raise the cost by $4.43 to $7.73 (CAD 6.02 to 10.50) per square foot, depending on the size of the pad. Unless you're really good at working with concrete, this job is best left to a professional.

Another factor when doing it yourself is deciding if you're going to add electricity to the shed. It’s probably not necessary for a simple tool shed, but if you want any sort of lighting or outlets, you’re going to need to call an electrician to hook it up. Hiring a licensed electrician to install electrical wiring typically costs $50 to $105 (CAD 68 to CAD 143) per hour.

If You Don’t Decide to DIY...

If you're thinking of hiring labor to help you, you can expect to pay around $75 (CAD 102) per hour, depending on where you live.

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