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Zodiac signs for decorating

What’s your sign? (I know, the oldest pick up line in the world). But like many things in our lives, there are a lot of design and interior decorating cues that are influenced from your zodiac sign. If you’re like me (and a true Libra), knowing how your sign affects your mode of interior decorating can help you keep balance and make decisions.

While there are countless ways to go about decorating your humble abode for the fall season, it’s good to do some research. Some people go for the traditionally defined styles - like minimalist, modern, industrial, farmhouse, Scandinavian, Bohemian and so on. Others prefer methods with philosophical backgrounds such as Feng Shui or Wabi-Sabi (which bears similarity to the recent decluttering ideas of Marie Kondo).

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Here are some fall decorating ideas for every sign:


Astro Style points out that red is the signature color of Aries. While bright fire-truck red might not work, plenty of hues in the vast spectra of reds or oranges are perfect for autumn and easily fit into every room. Seasonal switches are also good times to get back in the saddle organizationally, so do your competitive spirit a favor by creating clearly divided, uncluttered work and leisure areas.


Are you a Taurus? A home made into a sanctuary through elegant decoration and furniture suits your sign. According to, one of the best ways to achieve this (and match the seasonal spirit) is by adding throw pillows and blankets with textured surfaces wherever possible. Scented candles with fall aromas and nature-themed artwork are also good choices.


The "twins" motif of Gemini is often taken to mean a personality with two distinct sides. Decorating-wise, this can translate to a blend of design styles, like traditionalism alongside modernism, according to Freshome. Consider adding elements of yellow or soft cream-colored white (a fall-friendly version of the Gemini power color) like curtains and other linens to your living room.

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Not unlike Taurus, Cancer considers the home extremely important but prize comfort and simplicity over opulence. StyleCaster pointed out that this can sometimes translate into overemphasis on white decor, as well as antiques and traditional items. For fall, go with light orange in some places as an alternative to the Cancer-predominant color.


You're fierce, Leo, so go with bold autumnal colors - like red - and be sure to emphasize them in decor. The maximalist aspect of Leo-themed decoration can also be perfect for fall, but be cautious not to overdo it and come off as haughty or pretentious. 


Earth signs, like Virgo, may gravitate to earth tones to match their grounded personality.  notes that this commonly manifests as greens, whites and browns, but in keeping with the autumn theme, maybe swap the more spring-appropriate greens for the yellows, reds and oranges of fall foliage.


In keeping with the scales motif of their sign, Libras often prize balance in their fall decor schemes - between elegance and simplicity, or finery and value. Adding rustic DIY crafts like fall wreaths to your usual high-end taste can be a great blend


Mystery is the Scorpio watchword, which leads to unique, unconventional design - black is one of the only decor commonalities. It might be best for you to embrace the Halloween aspect of autumn rather than try to force fall foliage colors on everything.

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Freshome noted that outdoors-related decorations are common in the home of a Sagittarius, which makes a lot of sense for the fall. Use indoor plants and DIY garlands (the latter strung across a mantelpiece or in the windows) to meet both stylistic priorities.


With an eye for craftsmanship, autumn may be a good time for Capricorns to look at their furniture and see if it matches their preferences. If not, splurging on quality, long-lasting wood furniture is a long-term investment that also gives you excellent autumn-appropriate, earthy hues for your interior.


The free-spirited nature and love of blue (and water) that Freshome cites as important to those with the Aquarius sign is probably best suited to spring, but that doesn't mean you can't find fall decor matching your character. Handmade art and crafts by local artisans fit the Aquarius aesthetic perfectly, according to Astro Style, and autumn is high time for craft fairs, so get looking!


Although Pisces is ultimately more of a spring than fall sign (for obvious reasons), cites purple - a great autumn color - as highly important to this astrological character. If your personality is as outgoing as Pisces folk are often thought to be, consider investing in new living-room furniture and accessories that will help you throw a massive gathering and ring in the season.

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